New Book

Hello to all of my fans.

Big news today. I have finally finished my manuscript and published it on Kindle.

The book is about a family of Wood elves who have been unknowingly targeted by a mercenary group called the Catnis clan. But things get complicated when a game designer from the future, lands on there farm.

The book is a mixture of fantasy, science fiction, and a lot of humor tossed in for good measure. As it is my first novel I have no doubt I made some rookie mistakes.

It took me two years and over ten rewrites to get this novel to the point where I could sell it online, And when I look back over it in a few years, I will pretty much be asking myself what I drunk to make such errors. But I will continue to improve my skills until I live in a huge mansion surrounded by models.

But don’t think I’m some money grubbing tool with a pen, just doing it for the money. The first step is getting my name out there for the publishers, before then I am an penniless artist driven to better myself and the world. After I write my first publishing contract and sold my soul and art for fame and fortune is when you can say it.

After arrival is a 72,000 with the vain hope of becoming an excellent series.

You can find it at:


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