Modifying my work

It’s a hard life for an author that is trying to get his feet on the ground.

Sometimes when we try to do everything ourselves we often mess up, and my first novel After Arrival is no exception. there are spelling mistakes, grammar problems and the odd little problem. Now even the best author sometimes misses these small mistakes during print.

Anyone that has read a novel can pick up on these little errors and shrug them off as typos. Sadly my book is not above this.

Due to some feed back I have decided to redo my entire piece of work from scratch. That is two years down the drain. But I am not giving up. I refuse to. I have worked harder than ever to get my book off the ground, and I am determined to become a success.

This time I know what direction I am taking, and thanks to writing a few books a head it’s safe to say that my new one is going to make the previous edition look like crap. So to anyone that has read my book I want to say I’m sorry for not living up to your expectations and to not give up on me just yet.

Please put in your vote as to what story you would like to see more of.

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