Editing and reediting

As any of you who have been reading my blog know. I have a grammar problem. I would like to apologize for this as I concentrate on my story first and then IF I have the time I go over it and fix my problems.

I am also sorry to say that my book After Arrival has not sold a single copy. I blame myself for this. There was not enough action. Not enough romance, and the main character was not relateable. and the middle part was just a way to fill in words. As for the title it lacked something.

the truth was the grammar hurt it, and the only person I can blame is myself. I was too caught up in trying to make a buck that I forgot this was not easy.

But I am not quitting. I poured too much heart into this bloody thing, and I am determined to succeed.

I have worked hard on this new re-imagining. Changing names to suite the era, changing the characters history, and making the main character more tortured. I have also decreased the length of the book to sixty thousand words. So far.

This is the last time I can do this as I am also working on a different series i hope to get published one day.

After arrival is a flop and I beg any person that read the sample pages for forgiveness. My new book the Fomori cipher will hopefully be a winner.

I would also like help with my blog. Please comment on any part you like or dislike and I will do my best to make this into something everyone can enjoy.

And please no trolling.


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