New webseries.

Thanks to my short stories not getting the ratting that I need, I plan to create a web series divided into parts, with a short story between each part.

I will call this story Dis control. a chapter put into eight segments. Each chapter has a bit of everything. horror comedy. I don’t want to be restrained by one genre.

The story follows Madonna. A columnist in Essex that somehow brings a demon into world by writing a book about him. It is a book in progress, that means that I will not be able to edit it once it is put on the web, but that just raises the difficulty.

At one point, if this becomes popular, I want it to turn into a real book. I do plan to turn all of my short stories into one giant book at one stage, but at this point it is only a fictional dream.

If there are any writers or screen writers reading my stories I do give permission for you to use the idea to turn them into a project. I only wish for you to ask for permission and to put my name down for the acknowledgement.

So if you want to make a story about a new aged Frankenstein being hunted by a underground medical institution, a play about a Goldilocks Kesha braking into bear house I don’t mind. Or maybe another short story. About a secret village of witches that dance to the wonder of a fallen meteorite.

Or maybe you like something different. Mr Oopsy. Giving toys to children that turn them into serial killers. What will a teddy bare do, or maybe a robot? I bet somebody could turn a whole short story competition into something like that.

Or make a snake bite series. with a business man tricking Hercules, or finding out that the Minotaur is a time travailing mutant grown in a lab. or making my man Russell has to save Medusa from a god.

Echo 77. How many novelists would like to have wolf-man commandos destroying different variations of the human creatures? Vampires, zombies, werewolf spies. Come on, I can’t be the only one that wants to read that or see that as a movie.

If you have a good idea and think it can be turned into a book use it. but if you use one of mine can you at least tell me about it. oh and give me a first edition sighed.

Oh and as always. if you have a family friendly comment, tell me about it. I want to make my stories better. Don’t like it, tell me why.


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