Mix up. Sorry.

Happy new year every body. sorry I haven’t been writing in my posts I have been busy trying to tidy up my book. But that’s cool as I am continuing my story Dis control.

I have decided to make this an shorty story novel where each chapter is a short story in itself, which is hard as novels don’t work that way. I will also be taking through different perspectives.

I will unfortunately also have to reedit my past story. there is nothing wrong with the story, true I rushed the ending a bit but that’s not the problem. the problem is with tense.

If you have read my work before you will notice that I some times mix up the tense, and I am sorry for this. it happens to every body but I am learning how to control it. at some point I will change the story from a present perceptive to a past perspective, which I have been told I have more strength.

Again sorry.

anyway this chapter I did over Christmas. It is about Madonna’s roommate Chastity, a lawyer about to lose a case against and gets a phone call that could change everything, including her future. Enjoy Dis Control part 2.


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