Sorry about the delay

Sorry people about the lack of short stories, but I have been busy writing out my novel, well editing should be the proper term. By the way I have noticed that the editing process is longer than the writing part mainly because now I have to look through my whole book and fix all of the problems I was too lazy to do the first time. Names, spelling, and shaking the dust from my thesaurus.

Well you will like to now, (some of you any way.) That I have almost finished the whole thing and I am about ready to eliminate my brain dead first novel after arrival from amazon.

The first draft is about 75,000 words long, and my chapters are about 2,700 words long and I am up to editing chapter 19.

I have changed the name formula so Mickey is now Mocrey, and Selma is now Cellma. and I have added in a scene when the main characters are mowing down a thousand zombies with a remote control four wheel drive with a self destruct button. (My own personal dream I might add.)

Now its all about unraveling the main character’s identity, which is necessary but with a tad too much dialog.

Tell me what novels you like.


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