Coming of age or walking off into the sunset.

With my remolded book that I sort of jumped the gun with Amazon, being edited. I am forced to come up with my second novel, the one that I hope to get published.

Now unfortunately I can’t get into details of this new project as I am still doing the planning of my draft, but I’m up to the point where I am unsure if I should do a classic drama book, aimed solely at pathetic loser teens that cut themselves.

I do want something similar to Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl. Which is still one of my most treasured books.

I know, it’s aimed at younger reader’s but it is so difficult to find a villein that somebody can relate to. But emotional trauma with no action besides the kid getting beaten the shit everyday at school sells. Wow, either we as a society are sadists or like  to relive those glory years of being bullied.

I can understand the appeal of such books that deal with a child’s experience being adopted and so complaining like a little bitch about how bad his life has become and latter develops an narcotic addiction. Because some people like those things. Most likely the same people that like romantic comedies and ask the question does the guy get the girl in the end?

I think I can save you all the horrible burden of paying a cinema ten bucks, and say yes. Every romantic loser gets the girl in the end. In every movie. No he doesn’t go on to live alone and commit suicide which is non-fiction, he gets the girl and they live happily ever after. It is latter revealed that the only reason the girl is going out with him, is pity.

Getting back on target. I am at a crossroads. I more of a humor and action type of person mixed with fantasy and scify elements. Not a drama queen, but it would help me in my conquest for world domin… I mean graduating to being a full time author.

Comment and tell me what you think.



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