Dis on hiatus.

Dis control has been a pet product of mine since the start. Over the last week I have attempted to continue the web series but unfortunately I have just kept hitting walls. The chapter was supposed to talk about how Madonna and her two roommates were laundering their money by using a nice little cafe, but no matter what I did I just kept hitting writer’s block.

Writer’s block rarely happens to me, I don’t wish to brag but normally the words flow out when I am interested in something. The same thing happened when I was attempting to write my hope to be published book which is titled New strain. Perhaps I was just getting over my still getting published book and my head was till into my own little world that I was unable to think about another.

Dis control was to be a drama thing in the next chapter, a boring piece that was to appeal to the types who are into slow moving short stories about bakers. It was to establish more about the characters, and their relationship, and improve later chapters, but sadly I just cant get into the mood and I hate myself for it.

Writing is not an easy thing to accomplish. the writer himself is meant to enjoy it, it is supposed to be natural, you are supposed to connect to your characters, and if the writer doesn’t want to read it, he suspects the reader isn’t. Grammar mistakes aside, if I grit my teeth while coming up with a woman who has to hide a fortune while working a boring job, I don’t expect you are going to enjoy it, you might, but I don’t expect it.

I have since given up on this little project and moved into other areas. I am going back to horror for a moment, establishing a main character who is unique and interesting but stuck in a situation that is quiet tedious around people he doesn’t like. I think we can all feel something for him. And perhaps if I try hard enough, I can link the stories together somehow.

Next up is an interview with a scarecrow.


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