Authors of Supernova

A sea of fan boys and cosplay.

A sea of fan boys and cosplay.

Hello everybody.

Just got back from supernova with some good contacts and a few new novels.

I met a number of Australian authors who were in the same genre as me.  Including authors such as Jeremy Davies, who wrote Missing presumed undead. Mary Farrugia, the lost amulet. Jacinta Maree’s My demonic ghost. And Dionne Lister who wrote shadows of the realm.

All Australian authors who are still getting on their feet and were able to find time to answer some of my questions.

If any of those authors are reading this, I want to say thank you for not stopping doing what you love most, and thank you for signing your books for me. hopefully I will be right there with you one day autographing my book.

One subject I asked the authors about was writing yourself into your book. Adding you as a character much like Darren Shan did. But not as the main character but an extra.

For example. In the second installment of my novel I will be turning myself into a prisoner/guest to a clan of witches, who use me to write stories on their other prisoners. I’m not treated badly but I am forced to divulge others secrets and stories or face my host’s wrath.

Tell me what you think of this idea.

In other news I have joined twitter. It’s just a start but hopefully it’s a good first step into building up my name.

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