Why the good ending?

Before you stop reading and thinking that this is an against the man thing, and maybe your right. I want you to think about the stories you read as a child, the real grim stories. Where the little mermaid died of a broken heart, where Pinocchio stomped on the cricket, and where the steadfast tin soldier got tossed into the fire. Remember these timeless classics? No? Well perhaps you should try to read a book for once in your life.

I am sorry to say that the entertainment business prefers to highlight the heroes as the main protagonist. Villeins, are sadly left to die in an irony situation, or left to be imprisoned for ten minutes.

Why should I back the villeins you ask? Well I don’t back every villein, that would just be dumb, but what about the villeins that impress you? The Hannibal Lecters, the terminators, the predators, the Jokers? Yet we are left backing the other guy because we are supposed to ‘relate’ to them

Why do modern day stories have to have good endings? I understand the purpose of idealism propaganda, but why good ones? Why does the main character have to be good? Why does the assassin either the bad guy, or killing another bad guy. And on the odd occasion we do get a main character whose moral compass points south, why do they have to have a defining moment where they could just say “The hell with saving the world. I’ll grab a beer.”?

Every book, movie, and TV series the good guys wins.

I know why you want to read these stories. You want to feel safe, you want to feel that there is a hero out there watching over your back. You want to think it is not me standing behind your back now with a baseball bat, ready to bring you back to reality.

Personally, I hate James bond, every DC hero, and the people that think these people are cool.

Comment, share with me your darkest loves and hates. Which villain would you love to win the day, and which hero to die in a death that would seem poetic.

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