Goldilocks transformed.

Goldilocks has been a long time favorite for children who learn that it is not wise to trespass into somebody’s home or eat somebody’s porridge. It also gives children who may wish to grow up into the type of people who do these things a lesson that you should always do your homework on a home you wish to break into, and not linger for when the owners come home.

In my previous story G0ldi_L0x, which you may not have read, a friend of mine has given a small sketch into what she thought this type of woman would look like.

This is an image of before and after G0ldi_L0x went to the party. the left one is displayed on chapter two of the story. See G0ldi_L0x and the three Bears. Chapter 2.

Drawn by Megan Holder

Drawn by Megan Holder

Drawn by Megan Holder

Drawn by Megan Holder









These two images are of the same person but of different time frames. Perhaps a reason as to why your parents photograph you before your high school graduation, and your kid brother takes a snap shot of you crawling back home a week later.

I would like to thank the artist and all those who helped to improve my work.



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