I’ve been playing with a few of my short stories a bit and making some grammar corrections. You will find these stories and the Sydney’s emporium series in my archive. You should be able to click on the link and it should take you to the story.

Shelly’s monster is about a modern day take on a Frankenstein. Keep in mind I made this way before the new movie. I had thought about putting in some other creatures as well including a fight scene between the monster and a genetically enhanced vampire bat code named V.L.A.D. But I didn’t want to go too far.

Shelly’s monster.

G0ldi_lox. Well this is embarrassing but I got the idea of Kisha’s film clip Tic Tok and thought. ‘What if Goldilocks was like this?

G0ldi_L0x and the three Bears.

Mr Ooopsy. I was going to post this to the were-traveler to get some credentials as an author, but I misread the date it was posted and it turns out it was a week late before I started it.

Mr Ooopsy.

By cannibalizing some of my previous work I was able to come up with Midnight stroll. I just didn’t want to see so much I work I have done gone to waste that’s all. I say it as kinda like a manga

Midnight Stroll.


The show must go on was written from a queen’s song. I think it turned out pretty well after the re-edit.

The show must go on.


The thing about snake bite was, was that I pictured Alice Cooper as Russell. This was also for a competition that I lost, but in fairness to them I did have a number of mistakes.

Snake bite.

Spring loaded I was going to do as a novella but later scrapped the idea as I was trying to mess with my main novel, I would like to come back to the steampunk idea, I just got other things on my mind.

Spring loaded.


I would really like to read an Echo 77 book. I would really love it. But I don’t feel as if I have the talent to go through with it and make my dream a reality. If somebody would like to try and take the story you are welcome but you have to tell me about it first, put it in the reply otherwise twenty people could take the idea.

Echo 77.


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