Penny for you thoughts.

Hi every body.

I hope you love my work more than I do bloody writing it. No don’t get that way. Many people love something and then they need just that time apart. right now I sort of need to get my name out there and hard. right now I feel like a rat in a maze of wannabes.

I want to make my name out there in the world, I want more viewers, I want a endless supply of beer, world peace, and all that good stuff.

So I have decided to get some of my short stories done into a book. Yeah I know, I had to take After Arrival off of kindle because it was a damn armature job, but I have learned much.

The book is just going to be filled with some short stories you can find for free right on this website and I will be trying to spread it around like the plague on every E-book stand.

But here is the hard part. Getting my lazy family to help me do the art work. As you can probably guess my website could probably do with a few sketches and a make over.

I am calling the book Penny for your thoughts, and it is targeted to those starving artists out there that don’t have an idea in their head but got the time to write a play or a screen right. Hopefully some desperate sod can get some inspiration from my work and write a referral to this sight or to my later books.

Anyway comment on what short stories you would like to see on kindle or some other bookshelf. Not Sydney’s emporium, That I’m still working on and will need twenty trips to acid wash before I say that’s presentable.



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