Penny for your thoughts

Hello my adoring fans.

I finally got the stupid cover for my first book going, funny thing is I asked my family for help and they were basically useless. Two weeks and a five second sketch is not acceptable Dylan. So I broke down and had to make it myself. It looks below par but it was all I could get through. I did want to make some warn effects but I suppose I can do that next time.

My main goal is to get my main novel up and running and that sucker is taking me forever to do.

Now I probably do have to warn you that the contents of Penny for your thoughts are available on this site for free. This is the cover of my book and the blurb.

Penny for your thoughtsIs that the cold hand of death on your shoulder?

Did you remember to lock the doors?

Are you sure nothing is hiding under your bed?

This book is a collection of short stories that will keep you entertained for hours. Never too long and never too short, these stories are just right for you and your pocket.


The short stories include:

  • The show must go on.
  • Vacllante Mémoire.
  • Midnight stroll.
  • The final stroke.
  • Shelly’s monster.
  • G0ldi_L0x and the three Bears.
  • Mr Oopsy.
  • Snakebite.
  • Legends that feed the rails.
  • Echo 77.

Due to Christmas the banks are closed and therefore I can’t get the necessary information for publishers like Lulu and Kobo. But my book is available at Kindle for just $0.99 US.


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