The Fomori Cipher.

Sorry I have been busy fixing up the details of my new book which will hopefully start my new career as an author. It’s called The Fomori Cipher and is currently available at both Kindle and Kobo for an extremely low price of a $1 give or take.

The War of The Monsters.

The Fomori Cipher.

Tormented wiFomori cipherth endless dreams of his own death the disfigured Mocrey O’Connell spends every moment of his life in service to his demanding family, but are these just the harmless doings of a troubled mind or is there something else going on inside the young Wood Elf that he himself is unaware of?

As for Mocrey himself, all the young farmer and part time reluctant inventor wants is to get the courage to ask the cute little demon waitress for a date and avoid making his disturbed mother further disappointed in him.

Thinking that his birthday is the perfect time to change his meek behavior, Mocrey promises himself to change. However, he soon gets more than he asks for, when Mocrey’s darker side begins to claw its way to the surface and decides that what the kingdom needs is to start the apocalypse.

If you would like to see my full list of novels please go to the Books tab and know this is where it all started.

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