New book. Mr Quiz

Mr Quiz

There have been murders and what looks like animal attacks on the streets of Nocturna, Queendom of the Succubi. But the investigation into these grizzly acts would have to wait as Banaka, youngest princess to the Queen of the Succubi is to be betrothed to Prince Ferrous of the High Elves.

In the mist of the conspiracies that are common life in the world of the perverse where bodily fluids are treated as the currency, The Queen of the High Elves wishes to save her son from the evil claws of princess Banaka. Princess Banaka wants to ruin the wedding because the prince is a bit too young for her tastes. The drunk and depraved High Elf King wants to make his own private brothel on his wife’s land. And the Queen of the Succubi is trying to work a new angle to get both more gold and more land.

But this is just the surface of the intrigue.

What sinister mind controls the fortune teller booths that seem to be all other Nocturna? What are the creatures that have found their way under the streets? And who has his eyes set on Princess Banaka?

Warning. This is a novella that contains sexual references including breast feeding and Succubus like behavior.

Now available at:







Sorry I haven’t written in the old blog for a while but I had to rewrite some of my chapters for the second book. Within the red sands.

Mr Quiz can be called a standalone work or a prelude to the Fomori cipher. It is based in the same universe as the Summoned series. It follows around Princess Banaka Che Dé Ghast. the youngest princess of the Succubi kingdom and how she managed to find herself working in North Umberbrook.

I mainly wanted to do a story that people didn’t have to read the first book to enjoy it, I also wanted to do something a little naughty to bring in some male readers.




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