Lesbian pirates and the intern. Part 2.

Both elven woman looked at each other, unsure about this recent development. “Just a minute.” Peppercorn called out.

There was no time to converse, all Eclipse and peppercorn could do was stare at each other. This was the moment of no return.

If this didn’t work Eclipse would have no choice to kill this man and drag their friend back to their ship, avoiding soldiers and bounty hunters.

A nod from Peppercorn and their fate was sealed.

Eclipse opened the door making sure the knife was hidden behind her back, ready to plunge it into the Tech, “Come in.” she smiled.

The individual that entered the office was a cat. That was to say he looked to be a seventeen year old human with a set of cat ears and a long tabby tail.

While Eclipse was fixated on the cat man’s butler like attire and white mane which had been decorated in a long thick braid.

Peppercorn made an effort to slowly drink in the white haired tabby as a whole and could not help but think ‘Yummy.

The Tech who called himself Enzo performed a bow. “I’m sorry we could not met earlier, lady Tabhair Suas.”

Peppercorn raised her hand to Enzo. “Call me Pepper. I never really liked Maween.” She would have preferred Sexy but it was best to start.

“Lady Tabhair Suas.” Eclipse growled not liking this improv.

Peppercorn waved her lover’s anger away, expecting to get a severe scolding later. No one would ever believe Peppercorn was a Maween, Maween sounded like the name you gave a homely lamb.

While holding back a predator’s smile, Peppercorn targeted the lost little kitty cat that crossed her path. “So Enzo. What do you know about me?”

Like a solider who had just been given an order Enzo spoke clearly, still slightly unschooled in Tuthra. “Not much. Just that you might need some help with some paper work. Um…” He turned to Eclipse, if unsure to continue. “And you have your own assistant.”

There was a click as Captain Eclipse bolted the door which she had recently installed, on of the first things she had done.

So far Enzo was behaving better than expected but peppercorn was not sticking to the script and there was always a chance. Already Peppercorn had acted incorrectly, she came from a fishing village and was far too young and naïve.

High Elves would never allow a subordinates to address them in such an informal manner. “Is that going to be a problem, Enzo?” Eclipse asked.

“N.no.” Enzo stuttered. “In my world it’s common for people of the same sex to get married. I am surprised people are so open about it in this world, that’s all.”

Both elvish women stared at each other, unsure how to take this new hint of information into the world of these foreigners.

“They aren’t.” Eclipse said a matter of factly.

Enzo lowered his head. “Oh. Um. You don’t have to worry about it, Ma’am. I can be discreet.”

peppercorn licked her lips. The kitty cat was just so adorable and was clearly naïve about this world’s taboos. “I suppose I had best interview you. “She held back the order for Enzo to drop his britches.

Once again Enzo bowed, unsure how to show his respect and going for a generic formality. “Yes, Pepper. If you want I can set up your new desk and chair.”

So eager to please, Peppercorn was starting to see the pros of her new station.

After Enzo left to gather his superior’s office equipment, Peppercorn nearly tackled Eclipse to the ground. “Can we keep him? Can we?”

“No.” Eclipse said firmly, her memories still fresh from the last time Peppercorn wanted a pet.

The High Elf nearly cried as Eclipse tugged harshly at her ear. “And what was that Pepper stunt?”

“But I hate the name Maween. I’ll never keep it straight.” Peppercorn’s one good eye frowned. “And seeing that you’re my assistant, I was thinking on paying you on how many times you get me off a day.”

“Slut.” Eclipse growled and pushed the High Elf girl away just in time for Enzo’s return.

The cat man appeared to be dragging in a large box made from parchment with alien script all over it. The box in question contained the unassembled desk.

Both Peppercorn and Eclipse watched from the sidelines as Enzo began to put together the desk that should have taken hours of sanding, nailing, and lacquering but finished in under ten minutes, it was like a giant puzzle.

“All done.” Enzo called out not even breathing a sweat, “Let me just get the chairs.” not bothering to ask permission to leave the cat man ran to get the rest of the furniture.

Peppercorn nearly exploded. “I have a desk. I have a desk Ecl… legen.” She corrected would fancy something so crude.

This fact didn’t seem to lower Peppercorn’s enthusiasm, she never had a desk before, she had been bent over a numb er of them, but never had she owned one.

The desk may have been crap but the chair Enzo dragged in made Eclipse’s heart race. Wood the colour of Wood Elf skin, leather that had a reflective polish to it and remarkable of all, the thing was supported by wheels.

“Hang on.” Enzo called and before Peppercorn could sit the cat man dragged in two more chairs that had an extreme lack of wheels.

The High Elf nearly hit orgasm as the soft cushion moulded itself to her behind. Forget the desk, the chair was where the action was.

She bit her lip, desperate to play with the mechanism that allowed it to spin around. Her eye caught the handle to the side.

“What does this…” She tugged on the lever and suddenly screamed as she thought her bum crashed through the ground.

“You okay, lady Tabhair Suse?” Eclipse called.

“The chair is adjustable.” Enzo said and instructed Peppercorn on how to make it suit her.

As Peppercorn played with the handle and shrivel function, Eclipse thought it best to proceed with the interview while also trying to decide if she should hock the chair or keep it for her quarters back on the Mor-dread. “So may I ask what you do at Techscope, Mister Ruiz.”

“It’s just Enzo, Ma’am.” He lowered his head and appeared to be in a state of embarrassment. “And I can guess you could say that I was a sex slave.”


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