Lesbian pirates and the intern. Part 3.

If either Peppercorn or Eclpise had been drinking something they would have spat it out from shock. An awkward silence followed and seemed to squeeze Peppercorn’s lungs.

Unsure of what to say Peppercorn weren’t for the basic response. “I’m sorry.” She wanted to hold Enzo’s hands, she knew better than most what something like that did and had the scars to prove it.

It’s okay.” Enzo lied. “Techscope wiped my memories of it and filled me up with administration and accounting stuff.” He frowned. “That sounded wrong didn’t it?”

Eclipse didn’t comment on Enzo’s choice of words, she was too busy being upset of Enzo’s recent job position. “You’re people practise slavery?”

Despite the reputation, elven pirates hated slavers with a passion and it was an unwritten rule that any ship, that captain had a responsibility to rescue the captives and sink the ship to the bottom of the ocean. As payment for this rescue this citizen was usually inducted in the captain’s crew for an indentured service.

It should be noted that Peppercorn had already served her seven years aboard the Mr-dread and had no plans to leave her Captain’s side.

Enzo shook his hands. “No, no. We don’t do slavery. We are against slavery.” He lowered his head, the Tuthra language was limited and though it was very fluid like and could be called beautiful compared to the English there were terms which were extreme.

In Techscope everybody has a complicated story. Origins aren’t simple with us. And from what I was told I was not really against it.”

Eclipse and Peppercorn gave each other a knowing glance. Some would call Peppercorn’s roll on the ship one of a sex slave, but truth was the High Elf had been a slave longer than she had been alive and she was broken to the point nothing could fix her.

It was not often when Peppercorn ever saw Eclipse was worried, but there it was and Peppercorn knew the thought that was spinning around the Dark Elf head. If Peppercorn ever had the chance, would she have her mind wiped?

Peppercorn knew better than to ask but Eclipse could not leave it alone, although she knew everybody on her crew had a story, there had to be trust. “Could you tell us about it? We wont push you, but we know nothing of your people expect you’re all crazy.”

Enzo made a sigh, which both confused for pain but was more out of frustration. “I suppose I should state first that my master was a narcissist pervert and a genius geneticist.”

Jen-it.” peppercorn spelled out but was stopped by Enzo.

Don’t worry, it’s a very complicated science. Basically he grew things. Not plants but actually grew animals in glass wombs we call tanks. On the surface he copied sheep and cows, selling the meat to butches.”

Both women were repulsed by this. “You grew cows in tanks?” Eclipse said looking slightly green as if she could taste the meat.

Enzo shrugged. “I don’t remember, the others didn’t seemed shocked to tell me. But that was on the surface, the face of the business. Underneath the facade the man in charge used his own DNA. His own blood to illegally clone millions of dollars of human organs and sold them on the black market.”

Mouths dropped at this revelations. “Why in the hell would you do that?” Eclipse shouted.

Though there were people in the black market that dealt with elf organs, but the market for it was limited to crazy wizards or gourmet kings who think elf meat makes them live longer.

I don’t remember.” Enzo admitted. “Eventually the man in charge decided to get into a different industry and started to sell sex slaves. And he even made himself the basis. Just a few tweaks here to change the hair colour, the cheek bones. Do you the difference between female and male?”

A pair of tits?” Peppercorn asked.

Nah. Men get tits, some of them bigger than mine.” Eclipse said.

Eclipse shook his head, “One chromosome.” seeing that he was not sure what a chromosome was himself. “Any way the word got out and the man was arrested. But his research got noticed by Techscope and they switched him with one of my brothers.”

Then it hit, the word ‘brothers.’

Enzo was a clone. His mother had been a glass tank, his father had made him to be a walking asshole or erection.

Unlike Peppercorn, who had been broken and raped to the point where she was addicted to sex and thought her abductors where her friends and family, Enzo had been born to be abused and enjoy it.

Peppercorn held Enzo’s hands. Unlike Eclipse she had been through what Enzo did, and could now see him as, not a brother, not a soul mate, but something familiar. She knew she should feel guilt over wanting to have sex with Enzo, she wanted to make him feel good, wanted to share their misery.

Eclipse had shown her what the masters had never given her, love. A twisted and illogical love that could have been borderline abusive, and many times Peppercorn was ‘asked politely’ to distract an official while Eclipse stole and murdered, but it worked.

Where do you fit into this?” Eclpise asked. “Did your… father pass you around for the Tech’s to play with?”

Enzo lowered his head and both women could see a shame brewing inside him. “No. I told you. My father was a narcissist. And I look just like him.”

Morrigan’s tits.” Eclipse breathed. “Talk about “Go fuck yourself.””

This was far more twisted than anything Peppercorn could have imagined. It was a taboo subject but even before her abduction Peppercorn knew the stories, had seen the eyes of other children, the eyes of men of so could honorable man who liked their meat young.

But this… this was wrong on a level that set a new bar on the disturbed and sexual deviant scale.

“Where is your father now?” Eclipse said sounding as if she would have a few words with this piece of work scum who thought life was clay he had been given a responsibility to abuse for his own twisted evils.

Or maybe Eclipse had a need for a double for her own personal reasons.

In the pirate’s mind Enzo was a homunculus. A man made man. But from what she understood every attempt to make such creatures resulted in little, half mad monsters. More times than any they killed their creators and eat a few babies before they were put down. Enzo… Enzo was beautiful and perfect.

Those thoughts against slavery fleeted as Eclipse put the coin she would get from selling Enzo to the craziest and richest crack pot who was ready to put Enzo though a meat grinder to learn his secrets.

The pirate snatched up the cat man’s tail, trying to find some flaw, trying to make sure that it was real.

Rather than price the impossible creature that sat in their presence, Peppercorn was interested in Enzo’s pain. He was squirming, and had his eyes closed, he looked ready to cry out for freedom.

“Legen. Let him go. You’re hurting him.” Her voice was unusually disciplined and focused.

Eclipse looked down at Enzo’s expression and instinctively let go, she had met many people like Peppercorn and Enzo. Many wounded animals who had been tortured and worn to the point where they were dangerous to everyone including themselves.

“Sorry mate.” Eclipse said.

Sympathy covered Peppercorn’s face and she took Enzo’s hands in hers. “You’re okay.”

Enzo panted, his face a deep shade of crimson, he looked as if he had a cold. “It’s not pain. When my father made me he gave me fifty erogenous zones and enhanced my pleasure sensors.” The cat man smirked as he tried to settle his pumping heart. “That was number twelve.”

Peppercorn clenched her legs and felt a shiver of electricity flow down her back, it was something foreign to her.

The backside to a copy of the ancient treaty between the 2nd king of Seoid and the Bloodstone clan, an ancient people of Dwarves was pushed in front of Enzo along with a quill. “Could you note down all your pleasure zones in order?” Peppercorn asked.


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