Fimbulwinter. Book review.


A good start is like that is usually the breaking point with books. A typical rule for long books is to have the biggest fucking moment in history and then go up and down like a fucking roller coaster.

Look at the fucking bible if you disagree, the whole thing starts with the creation of the bloody universe and ends with the devil giving heaven a cosmic wedge with a nice cliffhanger.

Too bad Brown’s Fimbulwinter immediately hits the wall like a retarded dog on roller skates.

Daniel Black, computer programmer and the bum joke of Earth starts things off in a hospital bed after his wife leaves him and salts the earth of their relationship.

Right when Daniel is at his lowest one of the least memorable gods outside of a Hellboy comic comes out and waves her fairy wand, taking Daniel to an alternate world where Christianity never happened and the Viking God pillage Olympus, sacking Zeus and making Aphrodite the camp bitch.

The start really started like that. no running start, never the emotional burden of Daniel his traumatic divorce. not even a running start, it just slingshots the main character right into the shit and doesn’t look back.

If done well this can make for an exciting book but the start is horribly written and Brown fails to repair it, losing the audience.

Especially since they just give the main character a cheat book and tells him he has to save to sexy bisexual witches.

I was tempted to stop reading there and then, I was also ready to throw my Nexus out the window and invest my life joining the peace core after drinking two six packs of beer.

And thank Christ I didn’t.

In the second chapter things pick up, mainly because I think the author actually stopped letting his addled bother at his computer.

This is mainly a survival book with Daniel playing body guard to a murder witch and their mascot playboy bunny.

I have to say it, I hate books that introduce the main character like this indestructible force like Chuck Norris riding Godzilla.

Now I don’t know what Daniel did to Brown. Maybe Brown secretly has a fetish or something because the author puts the main character through the meat grinder.

Daniel turns Deadpool able to flamethrower puny goblins and laugh as the mutated munchkins run for their mommy, but as soon as Daniel turns his back some giant is introduces him to the beating of his adult life.

The main villains in this book can be summed up as the cold, the monsters, and everyone in the fucking world.

If it isn’t the goblins killing Daniel it is the cold, if it isn’t the cold it is the witch hunting church, if it isn’t the church, its the guy in charge of the region who is more interested in stoking his curly mustache as he tries to steal the team’s gingerbread fuck toy while his city burns into the ground.

Overall the book isn’t bad, it introduces new concepts, and has some nice sex scenes in it.

It’s for those who are interested in Fantasy/harem/ Character goes to magic land/ and witches.


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