Within the sands. Book cover.

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, its a basic rule people should live by. You should also not text while your driving, you should eat healthy, and it should rain chocolate muffins.

Tough shit. Book covers are how an author represents himself to others. People shouldn’t judge a person by his shabby attire or how many credit cards he has in his wallet.

In the real world it doesn’t mater if it is a masterpiece, an New York times best seller. Book covers and your first review make our break you.

It takes a person of extreme curiosity to see beyond the book cover.

For some months now I have been trying to get my brother Dylan to help me with the cover for my second book. Now I’m going to leave it up to you to figure out which one would be more eye catching and more marketable.

That means my second book has been waiting to be published for six months because of a book cover. It is a sad, sad tale.

This one my brother made, which took six months to complete.

Book cover 1. created by Dylan neenan

Book cover 1. created by Dylan Neenan

The one below was created by me and took about half an hour.

Created by Troy Neenan

Created by Troy Neenan

I’m judging by the ability to catch the eye and the want effect. The question is. Of you walked into a book store, which of these books would tempt you to pick it up?


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