Sydney’s Emporium. Chapter 18. As planned.

As big as a rhino and the head of croc. Forgot to add horn

As big as a rhino and the head of croc. Forgot to add horn

A nanosecond glance was all Incisor could allow herself to look down and into the pit.

It was a breif moment but watching the lake monster, with its jaws wide open and the screaming Cali and Maverick thing plummet into certain death would later make the panther girl purred in satisfaction.

Till then, however, Incisor was in the middle of a stampede.

All around her it was chaos. The enraged omtwy were making the world’s tremble like retail earthquake machine.

For those patient predators like the Cali and the Gapachu it was as if a flashbang grenade had gone off in their faces. Their instincts and sanity became polluted with fear and confusion.

Thankfully, Incisor held true to the idiotic plan that Maverick had drilled her on last night. At this stage the plan was brilliant ASA it was simple.

Fucking get the hell out of there.” As the Maverick thing had said.

So that was what Incisor did.

The Cali, not informed on Maverick’s great scheme were both leaderless and completely screwed..

They held their ground, the spears like an impassable wall, and their claws ready to dye the nearby shrubbery a gory red. They were neither scavengers or cowards, these women owned the jungle.

The omtwy didn’t care about spears or darts. They ran into the lion maidens and did not stop.

To their credit the Cali held and issued a blood curdling roar as they stabbed at the ungraceful beasts with everything they had.

A Cali screamed in pain an omtwy scooped her up by the leg with his jaws, and still keeping to the mind of its suicidal brethren became confused as the ground under it disappeared.

Other omtwy were less interested in having a meal on the go and more into destroying these insects. They lowered their heads and impaled the annoying warriors with their impressive horns right before taking a swan dive into Castro’s hungry belly.

Incisor didn’t stay for the show.

She ran around the edge of the pit, using the confusion and ferns as camouflage for her escape.

A close call with an omtwy with a spear in its eye nearly turned her back leg to pulp, but heart pumping fear boosted the Gapachu’s stride and Incisor launched herself up the nearest tree.

Careful to remain down wind she leaped onto the branch of a neighbouring with an almost supernatural elegance.

There, safe within the leaves she watched the carnage.

There wasn’t really much to see at this point. The main herd had removed the Cali like filberts from some trail-mix.

What survivors there were attempted to stab the omtwy but they only succeed in stopping three females from racing over the edge and making three pissed off and hungry enemies.

The plan had worked, or at least for Incisor it was a win.

The Maverick thing would no doubt say something different but as he was eaten by a ravenous lake monster, his opinion was mute.

It was more curiosity that caused Incisor to agree to this mad plan of making the Cali escort a seemingly harmless Maverick and Scratch-Ear to the pit.

It didn’t make sense. The Cali were viscous predators, who would sooner eat you and roll around in your remains then talk. They were killers and cannibals, sadistic pack hunters who wanted power and allowed rival males to eat their children.

Her part in this plan was also easier said then done. True, pissing of a heard of omtwy while they were in the middle of mating was not difficult, the brutes were ill tempered enough without having a few stones being thrown at their genitals.

But keeping them in a blood lust, keeping one step ahead of them, and herding them through the jungle was a task not even the delusion would believe.

Still, it worked.

Minus the part Maverick and the kitten escaped in the confusion, but that was just a matter of time.

The Maverick thing might have been strong but he was too stupid to survive, and with out a tribe the small Damu-Sarmi was a doomed snack for some hungry creature.

But still there were questions that made Incisor’s brain hurt.

How did Maverick know about the pit but not Castro? How did he know that the Cali would escort him to this exact spot? The Driver? Sydney?

Incisor shook her head, she did not like complex things.

Trade, logistics, con artists, aliens, other world’s, recite; these were weak ideas made by a cowardly creature.

All that mattered was the hunt and the thrill of sinking your teeth in your prey’s neck. To be the strongest.

Whatever place this Maverick came from, if this Ball-rat was full of such creatures and these weak ideas, those like the Cali would have little trouble of invading this land.

As she dove from tree to tree, desperate to move down wind of the feeding frenzy Incisor allowed a smile on her feline lips.

A large amount of Cali in this area had died this day, which meant their pried was weakened.

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