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Image acquired from Http://

Image acquired from Http://

Hi everyone I just finished the draft of my third book Welcome to Talia and now I am just waiting on the proof reading and editing which will take a while. I’ve also done a few chapters on a forth book entitled The Adventures of Fuilitech Bonesmite about a six hundred year old, foul mouthed witch that gets kidnapped by an insane idiot to work on his boat as an occult adviser, and the wacky things they get up to.

I have several projects that I am currently working on Including my hopeful major novel Toby Burke: The Witch Doctor. I also want to get out of my fantasy and sci-fi comfort zone and get into a romance book but that will be a while.

As of ten minutes ago I want to dedicate my time to Sydney’s Emporium. I want to finish this bitch, get a proper and hopefully cheap sketch artist to do the illustrations, and publish it. I am tired of seeing it on my massive to do list.

So. I need some of you guys, my loyal fans to help me. I can’t promise you royalties but I can promise you as a reference in my book when I get it published, helping your career in the long run. (No Porn, Yuri, Yaoi, or photos of your cats in costumes unless they look really fucking cool.)

Send images of Scratch-Ear. Maverick before or after being changed, Sydney. A monkey cat hybrid you have when you were in school. I also need proof of work, I don’t want to get plagiarized. You can use photoshop but they have to be your own or free images.

At this point I am desperate. Leave a comment


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