Day 226

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Gulway: As I suspect I can’t fucking move. It feels like I am dying. I barely have the strength to call up the recording function on the computer. I will translate this audiolog into text when I can damn well feel like it.

‘Knock. Knock.’

Gulway: What the fuck is it now? Computer, unlock the door.

‘Sound of electronic lock opening’

‘Sound of automatic door opening.’

?: Hello.

Gulway: Ksenia?

‘Sound of hooves.’

?: Why are you still in bed?

Gulway: Hurt.

?: What hurts?

Gulway: Everything. I helped Neeti with her bloody pigs.

‘Sound of female laughter.’

?: I am guessing you have never been on a farm before. Does this hurt?

Gulway: Ow. Yes. Quit it. What do you need? I knd of sick at the moment.

?: What makes you think I need anything?

Gulway: So you braved crossing the threshold of my Sanctum Sanatorium for a social visit? I thought you people where afraid I might be a demon or something.

?: Are you?

Gulway: Am I what?

?: A demon?

Gulway: I like to think that if I was a demon I would be someplace warmer right now.

?: You’re freezing in here? How are you cold?

Gulway: Try living on a man-made island built by a James Bond villain. When I am not drinking fruity drinks with tiny umbrellas in them.

Gulway: I am guessing by that look that you have no idea what I am saying.

?: I don’t understand you words.

Gulway: Didn’t think so. The translation collar around my neck doesn’t work on pop culture references.

‘Sound of hooves.’

?: What is this place?

Gulway: It is a temporary shelter used for bad cases of plague. We stick the sick in these rooms and keep them isolated until we find a cure.

?: None of the others came here.

Gulway: We were tempted, but when we first got here someone threw stones at our heads. We figured your species were highly hostile so we made this our sleeping quarters.

?: I am sorry about that.

Gulway: Ow. Happens. How is everyone doing? Why are you looking at me like that?

?: Nothing. Beenie is walking around. I thought I.

‘Sound of choking.’

?: I want to say, thank you. I made you some porriage.

Gulway: Thank you, but I think I will stay here and try not to die. Crap.

?: I… Will let you sleep then.

‘Sound of hooves.’

‘Sounds of automatic door opening.’

Gulway: Arg. Aw crap. Just let me die already. Crap. It’s still on. Recording off.


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