Day 228

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It half snowed, half rained today. I feel a bit better today, though I used more muscle killer to take the stiffness out.

There is not much to do.

In my brilliance I decided that Laurel had done enough work so I got him to put up a heater inside the store house. It might have not been the brightest move but I need the droid back. The droid has done enough washing for a year.

The moment I turned on the power the storehouse became the satyr’s entire universe.

I walked in there today and gagged from the mist. They had turned the place into a sauna. I saw kids running around nude with their mothers trying to clean them and their clothes.

I told the Company this using the satellite uplink. It gave them a laugh and me a stern warning about introducing advanced technology to a primitive society. One cheeky bugger made a joke about making the world’s first steam cleaning service.

While the uplink was available I downloaded some survivor guides. My luck I will need them.

The satyrs are walking off the cholera. I advised against this but they don’t listen.

In my spare time I have been examining the satyrs’ blood and tissue samples. My discoveries indicate the people here have a lot in common with humans. I think they are a throwback or some sort of mutation.

It might be possible that they are close enough that we could interbreed. There is a fat chance of that happening anytime soon.

Our society has enough problems getting rid of unwanted body hair, and I have seen the satyr males carry enough receding hairlines to know they suffer male pattern baldness just like we do.

I get a notification that Laurel has just finished making his first soap block.


Well that didn’t turn out too bad. I had my doubts. I didn’t know if we could get the lye.

The oils were a pain in the arse, but I managed to bribe Huglie and a few other kids to digging up some flowers.

Don’t worry. I have seen enough movies about idiot armature chemists mixing up cinnamon with poison oak to know you check this stuff out first.

When we first got here the team managed to get in touch with an agent at another Ligno settlement.

He or she was making trade agreements, I don’t know. But we got him to ask the medicine woman there about common allergies and any potential plants or animals that might lead to the illness.

The whole soap process was to kill time. Most of my free time when I wasn’t doing research was watching anime.

Laurel was bitching about people using their urine to clean everything and I didn’t want another pandemic. So soap making seemed like a constructive use of our time.

We made 8 prototypes with two leading to rashes. We ended up picking jasmine, lilac, and this green rose they had growing in some one’s garden.

Though the male satyrs laughed at my less than manly choice of invention the females were overjoyed.

I let slip that I had a shower in my lab, hopefully I can get these people clean and get some more DNA samples.


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