Day 233

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I’ve been here a week and I have already killed one of the savages.

There is a reason that I am in the corporate sector. I was once a GP, working at a city hospital with dreams of saving the world. I won’t tell you what city or the name of the hospital.

One day a violent sex offender came in. Apparently his last victim was not as helpless as he first thought.

Hopped up on drugs the son of a bitch tells me how he started off playing with his niece and how he was going to sue the woman who got lucky. And don’t give me hypothetical, he was going to win.

Then when he had sued his last victim he was going to try and take her again. I know because he told me.

The medical court ruled it as malpractice and I lost my licence, which was fine with me because if they knew my state of mind at the time I would be getting the lethal injection.

I don’t know what is happening outside. Laurel and Hardy are done packing up. One push of the button and I’m in the car before the mean goat people have a chance to light their torches.

I haven’t told the Company yet. There would be a investigation and then I would be spending my life in a holding cell.

I have modified yesterday’s report. When I am a fair enough distance from this place I will print this journal and bury it somewhere.

I just needed to get some things off my chest. Writing about this, it makes things seem more real.And who knows, maybe some archaeologist in a thousand years or something finds this.

What a cluster fuck.


It looks as if Ksenia and some bloke who looks like Satan is at my door. I’ll put the lab’s self-destruct on a timer. For insurance I keep the safety off my pistol but keep it hidden.


‘Automatic door opens.’

Gulway: How can I help you today?

‘Sounds of hooves.’

Ronaldo: Ksenia told us what happened. I have come to tell you, you may stay.

Gulway: Huh?

Ronaldo: Our people look favourably on heroes who run off thieves and bandits who attack farms and our women. Well, speak. Why do you keep looking at Ksenia. Do you let a woman do your talking for you?

Gulway: You sure I don’t have to leave? I got my stuff all packed up. I can be out of here and you will never see me again.

Ronaldo: No. Your people have done much for us. You will stay. Come, we will have a feast in your honour.

Gulway:Sure. Can I just speak to Ksenia for a bit? Something came up in one of the tests and I want a woman’s opinion.

Ronaldo: Of course.

Ksenia: I think he wants to talk to me alone.

Gulway: Sorry chief. Patient doctor confidentiality. Plus there is a lot of girly stuff. Cycles and baby things.

Ronaldo: Oh. Yes.

‘Sound of automatic door opening.’

‘Sound of electronic locks.’

Gulway: Bandits: Not very original.

Ksenia:Why did you kill him?

Gulway: I don’t like arseholes who hurt my patients.

Ksenia: He was their husband.

Gulway: That does not make it okay. Why did you lie?

Ksenia: I was there when your people came. I did not understand your intentions at first. You saved my daughter.

Gulway: You could have just given me a head start and called us even.

Ksenia: No. The stupid men see honour in muscles and who has slept with the most women. You. You clean buckets. Your deliver food. For nothing.

Gulway. It’s not as if you have anything I want.

Ksenia: Yes. So why did you kill the pig? Because it was the good thing to do. Why did you give us hot water to clean clothes? And wash dishes? And smell nice? Why did you not sleep with Daenerys?

Gulway: Bambi? I just can’t say that name. Ah. Listen, Ksenia. I know things are different here, but. She’s like a baby. I wouldn’t tell my own daughter about sex until she was seventeen. She should be playing with dolls.

Ksenia: I lost my virginity when I was eleven years old. My own father watched as a man older than he ploughed me in my mother’s bed. My husband traded me to his sons so that he could play with his younger wives in peace.

Gulway: I did not need to know that. I don’t want to know that. What kind of scumbag does that?

Ksenia: Do I disgust you?

Gulway: No. No. It… I come from a completely different world from you.

Ksenia: Who is Beenie’s father? I know you know. You told Roman.

Gulway: Crap. ‘Sigh.’ As far as I can tell it was one of the first of your people to die. A… Says here a Luuk. Did you love…

Ksenia: No. No. And no one else will know.

Gulway: Okay. Is there anything else? How many bandits did I kill?

Ksenia. None. But your ice carriage. It drove them of.

Gulway: I am sorry for putting you in this position.

Ksenia: Do you have a wife?

Gulway: No.

Ksenia: Do you have coin?

Gulway: We have our own mint. They are just silver coins that can be melted down and recycled. It’s emergency money. Why? If this is extortion you can have it. It’s not helping me.

Ksenia: Come. Let us eat. Remember. You must agree with everything that I say. If the men find out that you murdered the swine they will hang you. What is that sound?

Gulway: Oh, fuck me.


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