Day 235

<——–Day 234    Day 236——->

You are probably wondering how I am writing this. Naturally I saved my tablet. The solar panels are doing their job and so is the portable generator we use for going off-site.

Little Beenie is with us. The little satyr girl is full of energy. Ksenia kept worrying about her so she doubled back with Neeti to go get her.

I personally think Ksenia used the kid as an excuse to have a chat with Neeti. I don’t know what they talked about and don’t care. It gave me time to check what will be my new home.

Overall not much happened. Hardy knocked down a dozen trees and converted the logs into beams. No synth wood here, the hippies back at the Company would crucify me.

Laurel managed to make some screws from the forge. On the downside there is no longer any glass, so no windows and no greenhouse, and that bastard chief took most of the nails for his own use.

I looked through most of the healer’s stock. I swear I saw a voodoo doll in there. I began to store the objects as best I could but I gave up and ended up putting them back. I would probably get a rash from all the fungus and alien herbs.

The girls came back with Beenie and we had a picnic. Neeti kept examining me as if I was an used car with its price tag slashed multiple times.

I give Beenie a banana muffin, she loved it and kept asking for more. Much of my food has to be eaten.

We talk to fill in the silence.

Ksenia was given to the previous chief at 11 years old. She came from another village and claims she remembers little of her life before then. She was proud of her son and she always wanted a big family but the previous chief liked his women young.

Neeti’s story was more the norm. Born into mediocre slavery.

Society saw women as a status symbol, objects. The more you have and the more pretty they are the more people think you are happy and rich.

Think less trophy wife and more like collecting pokemon. Hell, from what Ksenia told me Bambi had to beat the crap out of some other girl to be the old chief’s cock sleeve. This place is wrong and nasty.

I am not a moral man. I save people because that is my job. Most of the time I just want to sit down and watch anime and porn. I am a geek, nerd at heart and a coward.

And I am half-wishing we got here too late.

Good news I have gained two assistants, three if you count Beenie.


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