Day 246

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The clinic is mostly done and there are a lot less trees going to the village. We now have what can loosely be described as a road going on. I still don’t like the idea of the only medical practitioner so far away from the populace but males don’t want me looking at their women.

I am told that the greenhouse has spouts coming in. I know nothing about farming but I take this as a good sign that we are getting somewhere. The greenhouse is so popular that many of the residents what their own glass buildings and the farmers want to expand the whole thing.

I think they are on the right track. Food coming in all year round is a good start, but the problem is I need what little glass I have for my own use.

Again word got around about my bath and the women flocked to me, some of them personally wanting me to wash their backs, but I wasn’t in the mood. Before you think that I am turning gay I should remind you that not many of the Satyrs here look as good naked as Ksenia or Neeti.

I am talking hairy old ladies who look way too animal for my tastes.

Hey, it might surprise who is reading this, but I do have standards.

I handed Ksenia the responsibility of baths. If the women wanted a bath they were going to have to start kissing up to my assistants

I did make one discovery. One of the Ligno females saw the book I made for Beenie as well as the few dolls I had Hardy make for her.

We got to talking and there is apparently a lot of good money in paper over here, as well as children’s books. Most of the art around these parts have to deal with wool products.

I made two children’s books and give them to the mothers.  I had them pay me by cleaning out the bath at the end of the day.

If you haven’t noticed I am a bit of a geek. My computer is full of useless comics that I have collected over the years; I also have an extensive assortment of How to Draw books.

Using the recyclor I transform a wood chips in a ream of paper and some drawing charcoal. I don’t know how it does this, all I know is that the IT Department has got a surplus of free time and hacked the machine to do a lot of stuff they were not originally programed for.

After fighting the printer I hand the mothers the books and the stationary. They were sceptical of my motives at first but accepted my gift. Not only did they agree to help clean the bath but they had also given me some of their wool and I think one mother gave me a wink.

Then out of nowhere Neeti burst through the door and gave me a deeply passionate kiss on the mouth right in front of the mothers. I didn’t ask why this happened to me and she didn’t tell me why she did this later, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying it.

If I didn’t have a crippling sense of worthlessness driven into me back in high school I would have suspected that Neeti felt jealous and didn’t want me checking out any other woman.

The rest of the day consists with me learning the language.

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