Welcome to Talia


The Fox plays his games.

The Wolf wonders the city streets.

The Witch watches and waits for her turn.

Several months ago millions died in an instant. There was chaos, there was mayhem, and a lot of laughs.

You think they would get over it but apparently Elves have long memories.

Hi, my name is Arcade and I am incredibly bored. So I’ll cut to the chase.

I’m running a game in Talia. What kind of game? It’s a bit complicated, but you can think of them as bets.

You want to know more? We got everything. There’s witches, conspiracies, explosions, an AI in a motorbike. And no one knows what’s going to but MEEEEEE.

Elves, Wolf, AI, Wood Elves, Witch, Conspiracy, Zombie

Now available at Kindle and Kobo

For more book written by Troy Neenan go here.

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