Book review: The Quick and the Zed

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I wrote this review on Kindle as well.

After reading the first few pages of this book I was laughing my head off.

Plot: Zed was once an warship AI but after serving and getting f***ed by his government got reassigned to a common mech body and tasked to running maintenance on a interstellar garbage truck run by a perverted medical officer, a pilot that needs to be high to fly, and a captain who doesn’t know the difference between real life and TV.

Characters. Over all I think the characters are all well-rounded. Their eccentricities suit the book and the story. I would have liked a female in the group just to level some things out but we can’t have everything.

Grammar: The grammar wasn’t too bad. I have read a lot of indie stuff and you can actually read this. There are a few missing words and I think the author accidentally repeated a sentence, but for a first novel I think it turned out tolerable.

What I didn’t like: The main problem with the book, and I think it easily fixed, is the title and the cover art. When I saw the title I immediately thought about the western movie. I immediately thought this was just going to be a knock-off, an author taking an 90’s movie and putting it in space. The blurb and the low priced saved it. You need something like the Reject Bin, something Zanny, something that makes people think comedy.
As an author myself I know how hard it is to get a proper cover for your art. Sorry but the robot doesn’t even look like the Zed in my head. Change it.


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