I Won 4 Billion in a Lottery But I Went to Another World: review

I have just gotten into this series as something to do while I edit my books so I was momentarily surprised to find that I enjoyed it and I am waiting for the next chapters.

“Plot: MC just hit it big with the national lottery but after getting bugged by solicitors moves to his ancestral house in the country. From there you know the story already as he finds a doorway to another world. He then embarks on a journey to save the world and bring in a near of fluffy bunnies and pony princesses to the world.

Characters: The MC (Don’t remember his real name.) is 25 year old officer worker. Unlike other manga stories he isn’t particularly perverted or has much of a plan. I feel that the author made him a little too saintly. Over time we see that he isn’t afraid to lie to survive but he is a bit too out of this world kind.

Writing style: Its a Japanese web novel. You can guess the writing style.

What I like: What I mostly like is that there is no over the top fighting or earth shattering magical power. Unless you count the MC having the same super power a Batman, shitting out money. It feels a bit slower than most novels but it makes up for it in heart.

What I don’t like: I would have liked the author to keep the god thing down and kept the MC as a wondering traveller trying to help people by shoving gold bricks down their throat, add in some more misunderstandings and expand on the hopelessness of the ancient world, with more bandits and strife. Mostly I feel that the author went down the god route too quickly.


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