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*******Short Stories*******

Shelly’s monster.

G0ldi_L0x and the three Bears.

Mr Ooopsy.

Midnight Stroll.

The show must go on.

Snake bite.

Spring loaded.

Echo 77.

The final stroke.

Vacllante Mémoire.

Legends that feed the rails.


The serving of tea.

Alternative theater.

Four puffs of smoke.

The ballerina.

My Tattoo.





********Sydney’s Emporium**********

There are worse things than getting a job.

Getting dumped publicly, getting framed for a crime you didn’t commit, even getting poisoned after surviving a savage beating. Now Maverick is given a choice, steal back several powerful artifacts from a psychotic tribe of alien cats, or return to Earth and die.

For your benefit Sydney’s emporium has been cut into chapters and will be updated on a irregular basis.

Sydney’s Emporium.


********Game night*******

These follow the events of after the book two of Summon series which is still being edited. It attempts to focus on an ever changing roster of dungeons and dragon players and hopes to expand the world but not to reveal most of the main story and introduce new characters.

Most of the stories are slice of life with comedy elements, with hopefully something for everyone. You don’t like a character or the subject move to another.

Bite sized chunks to draw you into my world.

Game night.


***The Abstract***

You turn your head and before you is a door that you thought hadn’t been there before.

Run by the mysterious, Frank, there is a hotel which seeming pops up where it is least expected or wanted. Be it battlefields, old mines, or prison cells. Just remember to tip the bartender.

The Abstract


*** The Witch the Alley***

In an alleyway lives the poison seller. A notorious blind and mean woman who makes death her trade. Her allies are few, her enemies are great in number and power.

Circumstances change and survival twists as an old friend comes to Lecola seeking a spy. She fits the description of a fictional wife and is forced to play the part, but the world that she enters may prove too dangerous and intriguing.

The Witch of the Alley


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