G0ldi_L0x and the three Bears.

Once upon a time there was a family of three, called the Bear family.

First there was Jacob Bear. A typical family man, who enjoyed golf on the weekend. Then there was Dora Bear, his loving wife. Who worked as an receptionist at an animal shelter, and finally. There was Alphie Bear. A child who enjoyed watching cartoons, and playing with his video games.

After a day of hard work, Dora decided to entertain her family by ordering pizza. Jacob was the first to taste this large supreme. He inserted the delicious slice into his mouth and instantly regretted it. “Ah.” He groaned and immediately gulped down his beer. It seemed that the pizza company had mixed up the order, and had used chilly based, instead of the regular. “Woah that’s hot.”

Dora sampled hers and immediately put it back in the box, “I paid thirty dollars for cold pizza?” she asked herself.

“At least they didn’t screw your order up.” Jacob argued, trying to not throw his back up. “You can reheat yours.”

Before Alphie could even taste his ham and cheese, the phone rung. “Bear residence.” Dora answered. She carefully listened to the phone. Her expression quickly changing to concern. She asked the odd question now and then, before she hanged up.

“Who was it?” Jacob asked getting another beer from the fridge.

Dora grabbed her coat. “It was the hospital. Your mother’s in again.”

Jacob let out a groan. “The old bat probably mixed up her pills. Alphie come on.” Jacob gestured to the small boy.

“But pizza.” Alphie slurred.

Jacob snorts. “I wouldn’t trust that. Come on. We’ll get you something on the way. No way were ordering from there again.”

After a while a young bleach blond very tipsy girl came up the drive way.

Drawn by Megan Holder

Drawn by Megan Holder

G0ldi_L0x. As she was named in several circles. Began to twitter on her phone about the party she just came from. Her vision was blurred thanks to the alcohol in her system. So she occasionally misspelled a word. After the party her friend had promised to take her home, but Goldi_L0x in her haste, had given a street address, but not a number.

So now the completely plastered eighteen year old, was drunk, disorientated, and in a dark street going the wrong way.

The girl pulled back her bleach blond hair from her eyes and looked at the house.

Still plastered, and her mind concentrating on seeing straight. Goldi_L0x accidentally enters the Bear’s front poach. Trying her key, she naturally finds that it doesn’t fit. She moaned, “Come on.” giving up on the lock, she goes around the back way, to find the unlocked side entrance.

The first stop in her inebriated tour, is the Kitchen. Turning on the lights and finding not a soul around, she stumbles in. she moaned, in tune with her stomach. She vaguely remembers only filling it with a hand full of peanuts from the party. Taking a sniff she locates a form of nourishment. The three pizzas on the table. “They must of ordered out.” she said to herself. Figuring that her parents ordered themselves something while she was out.

Goldi_L0x’s stomach growled as the aroma hit her nose. “Easy girl.” she said to her rumbling stomach, trying to ease it with words. The first on her search for something to fill her gut, was Jacob’s pizza. She bites down hard. The extreme spices in the chilly, overwhelmed her taste buds, so much so that she temporally became sober.

She quickly returns to being intoxicated when she gulps down a few of Mister Bear’s beers. “Holy hell.” she says, getting her buzz back.

Still felling hunger she returns to the three pizzas. Going to Dora’s pizza she dips her finger in. Making sure she was not fooled twice, G0ldi-L0x licks the toppings, and turns her head. “Yuck. Colder than the beer.” Being too lazy to put it in the microwave. She goes to the ham and cheese. Untouched and unspoiled.

Sampling, and devouring it there and then, she lets out a gentle belch. “Nice.” she said. Taking a step and causing some papers to tumble to the ground, as decides it’s time to call it a night.

Going into the closest room, she she immediately dove for the adjustable bed.

Thanks to Jacob’s bad back. The left side of the bed was set to maximum hardness, which Goldi_L0x discovered as she hit it hard. “Feels like an ironing board.” She rolled over to find that Dora’s side was set to maximum softness. To Goldi_L0x it felt like she was on a water bed, and her stomach did not like the feeling. “What the hell man?” she groaned. Getting up and not understanding what was happening. Realization that she could be in her parents’ room came to her. “Great. Now they’re gonna know.”

Half blind, she ventured into Alphie’s room. Thinking only of sleep. She dropped into the bed, and let out a pleasant gasp of air, as she just passed out under the strain.

A while later, the three Bears returned.

“Bloody hypochondriac woman.” Jacob said in an exhausted tone.

“She is a very excitable woman.” Dora motioned, trying to comfort her husband.

“Excitable my ass. She had gas. She went into hospital for gas.”

“Pizza.” Alphie said running to the front door.

“Bed time Mister.” warned his mother. “I filled you up on enough junk food.”

After entering, and hanging up their coats. Jacob goes to the kitchen to dispose of the discarded pizzas.

He finds the light on, and wondered if he forgot to turn them off. Felling the need for a drink, he goes to the fridge and sees the extra discarded bottles. “Somebody has been drinking my beer.” he complains.

“Your imagining it.” Dora said thinking that her husband was just taking his frustration out on the fridge. She grabbed a plate and moved to her meal, ready to put it in the microwave. She than noticed the long streak in the toppings. Like somebody had taken their greasy finger, and vandalized her food. “Somebody touched my food. Alphie.” she turns to her child, wanting a word with the culprit.

Alphie, growing impatient and not having his fill of junk food, he looked inside his box, that use to hold his ham and cheese. He showed the pizza stained cardboard to his mum. “It’s all gone.”

It was than Jacob saw that the side entrance was opened. “Shit. Somebody broke in.”

Dora held her son close to her, and grabbed the phone. Dialing the police. She quickly finished. “They’ll be ten minutes away.” Hopeful that they were not lying. A thought came to Mrs Bear. Her mother’s jewelry. One of the things insurance can’t replace. “No, no, no.” she cried and went into her room.

“No.” Jacob yelled, “They could still be here.” he grabbed a knife from the bench. Making the safety of his family, override his fear of getting hurt in the cross fire.

He was relieved to see that the room was empty. Dora had opened the safe and was looking through her grandmother’s jewelry box. She also let out a breath as she discovered nothing had been taken.

Jacob put his hand on his wife’s shoulder which caused her to startle. “Don’t scare me like that.” she said and held him.

“Don’t run off. Look.” he looked at the ruffled sheets on the adjustable bed.

Mrs Bear moaned. She remembered this crime show, where young couples would break into other people’s houses, and have sex on the owners beds. She was disgusted at the implication. “They slept in our bed.”

Jacob looked at the room and noticed a very important thing missing. “Where’s Alphie?”.

The two searched frantically for their son. Screaming his name over and over. They eventually found him in his room.

“Mummy.” the boy said, and Dora and Jacob embraced their son. Thankful for his safety. “Mummy. Somebody is sleeping in my bed.” The two looked at their son’s bed and saw that somebody was covering themselves in blankets.

“Jacob?” Dora said, unsure about the intruder.

Jacob stood and got ready his knife. He had never been more scared, then at that precise moment. He gulped. “Whoever you are. Get up now. The police are on their way.”

Goldi_L0x stirred and woke. Her little nap had given her two things. She had become sober enough to know something was wrong, and the other was a hangover. She jerked up and saw the three Bears staring back at her, but she wasn’t concentrating on any of that. She was more concerned about the knife in Mister Bear’s grasp.

Jacob didn’t feel at ease when he saw the girl, that moved from the bed to the corner of the room. He knew that the girl could be carrying a gun, or a knife on her person.

“What’s happening?” Goldi_L0x looked at the surroundings and started to add everything up. She looked at the unguarded entry way and ran. Only caring about her escape. She avoided Jacob’s clumsy swing, and ran out the back door as the police turned up.

Goldi_L0x didn’t stop until she made it home.


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