Chapter 1. Ask ourselves a question.

Chapter 2. An Unusual Game ——->

Thick tobacco smoke saturated the room. The lack of open windows and locked doors containing the foul fumes from dozens of pipes.

All across the country the influence and politically powerful member of society had been quarrelling over the current bit of trouble they had found themselves in.

After days of debate and a nearly endless investigation of the Great Library they had searched for an answer to their woes, but after all the yelling matches, the screaming, the voting, and the assassinations it appeared as if the first answer to the situation was proving to be the best for everyone present.

Burn them to the hell they came from.” A military figure had said.

Heads lowered as the most violent answer was turning out to be the most popular. Slowly the votes were turning towards pillage and plunder with ears turning deaf to arguments.

Can I bring the marshmallows?” Said someone in an Australian accent.

Heads turned and mouths hung open as an alien being removed his wig and contacts, revealing that he was neither an invited member to the summit nor a lovelily maiden.

The intruder expressed boredom as weapons were drawn and bodyguards put themselves between the alien and their charges.

Men and women rushed towards the exits only to discover that some devious bastard had locked them from the other side.

The cries of outrage were cut short as one of the few women of the assembly called out, “Enough.” she then glared furiously at the intruder. “Why are you here?”

The intruder smiled, “I heard that there was a debate about the future of my Company. Excuse me for a second.” he took out a cylindrical device with a red button on it from inside his blouse.

Back to topic. I seemed to have lost my invitation. I’m sure that this is an oversight with the mail. So I decided to show up. By the way, none of you complemented my nails or my shoes.”

The less intelligent and more aggressive occupants of the room looked about ready to lynch the intruder, “Kill it.” one of them said, spit flying from his clenched teeth.

Uh ah.” The intruder said holding up the device in his hand. “Trivia time. What is a dead man’s switch?”

Hold.” A newly declared judge shouted his voice causing the guards to halt.

No one?” The intruder asked knowing already that no one would know the answer. “I have rigged this building and this room with high explosives.”

He allowed his words to sink in before continuing. “The explosives could be anywhere. Under the table. The under your chairs. Inside your shoes. Maybe I even managed to put them inside of you.”

The intruder waved the device in front of the crowd, “I open my hand. The cleaning the lady is going to need a raise.”

A prideful man who had earned his position by inheritance took a knife out its sheath, it, like him was purely ornamental. “Its bluffing.”

Fantastic theory. I should point out that Lord Dipshit over there molested me in a closet and didn’t notice that my breasts were fake. Also he uses way too much tongue.”

Heads turned to the fop in disgust and puzzlement.

The accused individual sputtered “He’s lying. I’ll gut you, you monster.” he moved to drive his dagger into the intruder’s heart.

Stop him.” The intruder said still smiling.

Seconds later the noble found himself with his face buried into the floor. No one was ready to gamble their lives away for the sake of a another male’s pride.

The Dean of the Royal Academy tilted her head at the individual, trying to discover some great secret or determine if this was indeed a bluff. However, until she was certain that she was not going to end up as a smear on the wall she had decided to talk.

Excuse me, but as you have not killed us yet, I suspect that you wish to change our minds about not attacking your people and salting the earth which are occupied in. I must fearfully warn you, you are not doing a fine job.”

This?” The intruder admired the remote detonator in his hand. “This is just my opening statement. Now. I could go on about appealing to your moral sides and common decency, but lets face it. You see me, and by extension my company as a threat. If I was in your shoes I would do the same thing. Blow it up, sweep it under the rug. Let the historians damn us.”

The intruder stood. “So. I had a little talk to my fellow directors. We don’t want a war on our hands, and you definitely can’t afford one.”

I will make this simple, you can’t wait us out because we our self-sufficient. You can’t buy us out because we are in quarantine. You don’t know anything about our weapons or our resources. You don’t know how many there are of us. And I have proven you are not paranoid enough.”

The individual carefully defused the device in his hand and attached it to his dress, it was a pitiful attempt of good will.

Now that we are done measuring each others’ dicks and scaring each other with physical violence. Let us ask ourselves what can the scary foreigners do for me?”