Chapter 16. Inside the Dome

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Unlike the other structures the one that Jessy found himself in front of looked out of place. A square box with a shell made of tin. A shed in the middle of bamboo scaffolding, expensive looking monolithic temples, and what looked like a food cart.

This place had been built for only one purpose, to move stuff in out of the rain or out of the public eye, and then take stuff out again. Painted upon the building using childish graffiti was a hammer inside a cog. This dump was an old school garage.

Besides not fitting in with the local décor, the only other thing of note about this place was ominous gaping hole in its side. The hole looked as if somebody couldn’t work the door knob and tried a more direct approach to getting inside.

It wasn’t that Jessy wasn’t thinking about better things to do with his time, not with the impending doom thing going on.

Any other time he would be almost happy to get duped into moving a hot girl’s couch if it meant just a sliver of hope to see some boob. But in his head an internal clock was counting down the seconds until, boom!

Venarium hoped off the cart, her strange coper and absurdly decorated rifle in her hands. The look that she gave Jessy said that if he ran she would shoot him. It turned him on, but then everything did.

A voice called over the city. At some point the other Techs had installed speakers through the metropolis, most likely so they could do something juvenile like fart out the tune of Funky Town. “I’m being serious right now. I’m opening exits 6 and 11. Get the hell out. No more packing up. Move.” The voice had an Australian accent to it, it sounded as if Arcade was getting a bit worried.

The blue haired boy pulled out his phone. Gomez had sent over an app with a timer, it wasn’t accurate as an emergency evacuation mission run by a functioning lunatic had ample opportunities to fuck up at any given moment, but the counter said they had about five minutes. “We need to get out of here, now.”

Venarium didn’t point the gun at Jessy but it was clearly used as a threat. “Not without my things.”

Jessy sighed as he lead the horses to the side of the road where he fastened them. Was it just his imagination or did he hear something coming from the cart? Bah. The only thing under the tarp was the first add kit he had brought with him.

Not wanting to be left alone without knowing what the hell they were there for, Jessy followed the crazy pirate into the shed, “What are we after anyway?”

Venarium tried the door handle, unsuccessful in opening the door she pointed her gun at the lock.
It wasn’t so much a bang but a hiss like escaping air, there was also a smell of ozone. The real noise came from the bullet penetrating the tin.

Venarium tried the lock again and cursed as she got the same result as before.

I’m guessing you don’t have a key.” Jessy said before he nudged Venarium to the side. “Here.”

Figuring that he might need some real thief tools in fantasy land, Jessy had been practising his lock picking. He took out a small metallic looking spray bottle and held it were he figured the bolt was.
A hot blue flame erupted from the nozzle.

Venarium looked impressed, “You always carry a cutting torch with you?”

Sparks flew as the small blue flame licked across the metal.

Only when neighbours drop by.” Jessy said. Thirty seconds later Jessy kicked at the door. It was stubborn, but with the latch being destroyed there was nothing stopping it from succumbing to a bit of force.

Well done young squire.” Venarium said and entered the shed.

The insides of the shed were impossible to determine until Venarium managed to turn on the light. Being in a world where the most advanced form of lighting came from a luminescent for of ivy and spells bidden to mundane objects, Jessy was allowed himself to feel impressed.

What looked like a old World War 2 bomb was secured off the floor using thick iron chains. The thing was massive. It looked like something out of a loony tunes show. There was a hatch on the side, it was open and Jessy hoped that the thing had been defused.

Is that one of the bombs Arcade plans to detonate?” Jessy asked.

Venarium gave the teenager an odd expression and then realised what Jessy was looking at. “Oh. Oh no. That’s a foot drop. A solider is put inside and a airship drops the soldiers behind enemy lines.”

Jessy let out a bottled sigh of relief. It was just a drop box. “Please tell me we don’t have to move that bitch.”

Venarium moved to a workshop table witch was piled high with junk and scrap. She moved through the draws trying to look for something and was cursing with each failed attempt.

The fact that she was ransacking the shelves and her extreme lack of keys caused Jessy to speculate that his knew friend was looting somebody else’ stuff.

He didn’t care about the ethics side of things. This place was going to get blown up anyway. What he did care about was the sense of impeding doom that was hanging over his head.

Hurry the fuck up.” Jessy said.

Out of the corner of his eye the blue haired boy saw something messy and gooey to the side. He knew he shouldn’t. That it was a horrible idea but the Tech couldn’t help himself. He tilted his head to the side to get a better look.

The substance originated from the large hole in the wall. It black and Jessy hoped that it was oil but he knew better. Oil didn’t smell like burning feet and ass.

The smart part of Jessy’s brain told him what he was going to find, but utter denial and stupidity caused Jessy to strafe to the right to see where the trail lead to. He immediately regretted the action.

A second, larger spill was splattered over the flour like an inkblot test Except that it wasn’t entirely all black. There was a peculiar abundance of a dark red mixed into the black gunk.

Jessy opened his mouth to utter a silent scream. He had just drove right into a survival horror.

How fucking stupid was he? The signs were all there. Deserted spooky town, giant hole in the wall, black blood.

Seeing a steel socket wench on the floor, Jessy slowly bent down to pick it up. The sound the heavy tool made as it scraped against the stone floor caused Venarium to freeze.

You had best put that down, boy.” The pirate said.

Jessy didn’t listen, his eyes moved in all directions trying to locate a possible face eating monster. He kept low and glanced up multiple times, ready to dodge should an assassin was trying to pull an alien and come at him from above.

He had no delusions that the monster or psycho killer had left.

Get what you need to and let’s go.” Jessy said. “I think something’s in here.”

Venarium pocketed a box full of what looked like ammo. At least Jessy kinda hoped it was ammo. But despite the prize she thumbed her fist on the bench in frustration.

Jocil nadish.” she spat. “That damn rashini must have taken it.”

Jessy moved as silently as he could to see behind the pod. He spun around, a cold sweat cultivating on his brow. “This Jock guy. Did he wear a green ring?”

Intrigued, Venarium came to Jessy’s side, “No. That was…” her mouth turned into an O as she saw what Jessy had found.

It was a bloody severed hand laying to the side of a third pool of blood. The hand was missing two fingers, one of the remaining fingers still had a green gold ring attached.

Pieces of gore and meat were scattered across the floor. Jessy Guessed that this Jocil prick hadn’t died of natural causes.

Venarium held her riffle tightly to her chest. Now it was her turn to look at every shadow, “Let’s go.”

They moved carefully to the exit. Venarium’s riffle steady, Jessy was holding his wench ready to strike out.

The pair made it five steps from the exit before the pod creaked as something heavy inside it seemingly sensed the fear in the room.

Shit.” Jessy said. They were so damn close.

A mass of red tentacle stretched out of the hatch like a cluster of angry vines.

Venarium took one look at the nasty tentacles and fired her rifle. The bullet bounced off the pod’s hull doing no damage to the thing inside other than piss it off. At the same time, Jessy flung himself at the nearest work bench and his eyes and hands scrounge the draws and tools.

The tentacles flailed, there was a sound like a hunk of steak being tossed onto a rock.

More shots were fired again as the pirate stepped outside, leaving Jessy to his fate.

Jessy ignored the world around him. The thrashing whip-like appendages, the the horses screaming outside, the feeling that he just stepped in shit, doubt. This was not part of his universe.

Jessy’s world consisted of jars filled with something that resembled battery acid, pipes, wire, fuel.

A scream from a creature that belonged in Hell’s armpit caused the shed to move.

I’ll be with you in a second.” Jessy said.

The thing in the pod oozed out like a octopus in a bottle. Jessy could hear the slap and pictured something like a slug or something out off the re-re-remake of The Thing.

He shoved the novel of an air brush into the shaft of his contemporary weapon. It wasn’t going to win any awards. The weapon was pretty much two bottles filled with questionable fluids, a train detonating cap and a airbrush filled with a third liquid that smelled like it was used to clean driveways.

A bit of foam to stop the air from escaping, a bit of glue, and a dab of welding. He would have preferred a dozen rolls of duck tap but he might as well have been expecting gold coins to drop from the sky.

He turned, expecting to see his greatest nightmare made physical.

Two lumps of stringy flesh hid an orifice of pink muscle, like the mouth of a clam. Limbs like intestines kept the the creature’s pea-pod body upright, they leaked blood and other foul smelling fluids onto the floor.

Jessy spent an awkward moment just trying to understand what it was he was seeing, trying the take in the creature’s forest of thick black hair, its mucus saliva, and its lack of eyes and ears.

He broke down and laughed. He was fighting the biggest pussy he had ever seen.

The creature opened its vertical mouth, showcasing its arsehole mouth.

Still laughing, Jessy brought down his weapon and at the same time pressed down on the trigger. There was a deafening bang as the blasting cap exploded, the glass broke and the contents of the bottles blew out.

Fire and burning acid spewed out of Jessy’s weapon. The giant pussy was engulfed in fire.

Half-deaf, Jessy discarded his weapon and ran for the exit. On instinct he grabbed something on the way out, not bothering to look at it. All he knew was that it was heavy and that was good enough.

He kept laughing and was about to make a gonorrhea joke until he stepped outside to find a curious sight.

Get out of my way.” Venarium ordered, aiming her rifle at Sorie’s head.

The silth librarian was aiming what looked like a copper and wood stick at her steampunk counterpart, “Jessy, what was that explosive.”

Jessy hadn’t the time to understand what was happening, he ran for the two, “In the cart, now.” he said in English. This was no time to play whose gun is bigger, he could already feel the heat radiating from his back, the pussy was angry.

He ran past the two frowning elves and hopped onto the cart, “Both of you. Get on or die.” he said in the language of the elves.

Jessy thought it was a very simple verbal suggestion but apparently the women were too busy scowling at each other to get the hint. So he snapped the reins. At least he had the memories of their love making, and the video.

The horses made it five steps before Sorie said “Halt.” apparently she had more control over a couple of barely tamed animals than she did over Jessy.

Venarium didn’t hesitate a second time, she jumped into the back of the cart and scrabbled to take the reins from Jessy.

You were going to leave me you son of a gokile worm.” Venarium cursed. She snapped the reins but the horses refused to move. “Why wont they obey? The bloody orh don’t give me this much trouble”

Sorie, we need to go.” Jessy shouted.

Sorie did not get on the cart, she marched right up to jessy, hand still clenching her wand, “Now you care? You were going to leave me.”

Because you didn’t get on the fucking cart when I said to.”

You will not speak to me with such language.” Sorie said.

The creature, still engulfed in flames appeared from the doorway. It was keeping its mouth closed, trying to keep the flames and acid out of its sucker maw. The acid had done its work as most of the right side of its face was scared to the point that it now looked like a diseased peach.

Despite having no eyes, it seemed to have no trouble finding Jessy.

Getting the idea that this was one piece of female anatomy he didn’t want to play with without protection, Jessy, driven by fear screamed as he pulled a terrified Sorie into the cart.

Tell them to go.” he screamed in the silth’s ear.

The horses gave out a rebellious scream before they ran at full power, causing the cart to jolt.

Thank you.” Jessy said in Elvish.

Sorie wanted to take full responsibility for the escape, despite it having nothing to do with her, but the world shook again.