Chapter 20. Back in the jungle.

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Gapachu were a society that valued not being a society. They saw themselves as individuals just as the leopards of Maverick’s world did. The only reason they met each other was to mate, take each other’s territory, or if they wanted something..

So when Burned-One intruded upon their territory after she had a run in with the Cali she sought to unite the individuals as a single clan, just like the Damu-Sarmi. Everyone thought she was crazy, or that was until the Cali turned their gaze on Gapachu land and started to terminate the population with lots of fire.

Due to the Cali’s new desire to expand however, the Gapachu found themselves at a cross roads.

Their individualism was no match for the Cali’s pack tactics, which coupled with Sydney’s lost supplies threatened to destroy all other potential rivals.

The Gapachu utilised ambush and hit and run tactics, which could bleed the Cali over a long period of time, but this fighting pattern would only last until the fire spear was brought into play and the forest was burnt down around them.

Wanting to advance his own bid for power, the Alpha as Maverick had called him had brought Burned-One as his advisor and the pair created the Gapachu’s first council.

The council was composed of the more distinguished members of the community. Gapachu who either respected or had the most contacts with other individuals. This included great hunters, veterans, shaman, tradesmen, and the heads of several large families.

Note: Large families to Gapachu included two kittens, a mother, and two other family members one of which is usually an older male.

It was a good start but as community was a new concept to the Gapachu’s solitary beliefs there was more inner fighting than cooperation. Maverick showing up was just the one issue that everyone saw as a quick fix.

Some of the Gapachu thought of him as a Cali demon come to destroy them, others saw him as divine intervention, while others just saw him as a snack. But there was a collective agreement that they wanted him to be someone else’s problem.

The quest against the omtwy was just a right of passage. If Maverick died it meant that he was not their chosen one, if he lived and defeated the omtwy they would sleep better knowing the Cali were going to be facing him.

But Maverick did neither, instead he came back, had shown that he held the strength of a great beast, but his lack of skill clearly identified that he he was no warrior.

Therefore the council came to the conclusion to eat Maverick to gain his strength in battle and fight the Cali as they normally did.

Nobody had expected the giant snail to show up.

This was all explained to Maverick through basic guess work, logical reasoning, and his newest download.

Apparently it was both dangerous and stupid for Maverick to have been given the whole thing straight from the start, as it would give his fragile brain an aneurysm and effectively leave him as a vegetable.

Doctor Tachibana had also made sure that the interface was very game like. The reason for this was for familiarity reasons.

The beings who designed the Greys may have been brilliant geneticists, but it was clear from the lack of sex organs that they had this habit of skipping over some vital design flaws.

Though maverick didn’t have an health bar he was able to look up local lore of the universe he was currently on. Doctor Tachibana also downloaded Sydney’s catalogue into his brain.

This proved remarkably useful as Maverick now had an idea what the hell he was looking for.

His homework would have to wait however, as Driver re-entered Bracëo and dumped Maverick and Incisor a mile away from where they had previously been picked up.

As the nauseated pair were kicked out of the extra-denominational battering ram, Maverick was a tad curious as to why Incisor was not in the process of killing him. Not that he was complaining.

Why aren’t you trying to kill me?” Maverick said.

Incisor, having just disgraced herself further by vomiting on a nearby bush growled. “What make Maverick think Incisor won’t kill it?”

Maverick didn’t much like being called an it. Being called It reminded him of his lost ding-a-ling.

In all honesty being turned into a female would have been less weird than the freak he was, at least than he could have some fun.

Being a sexless tool reminded him too much of high school.

What deal did you make with squid face?” Maverick said but received only a snarl of defiance from the panther.

Getting the idea that force might be necessary Maverick bent down and picked up a large tree branch.

Compared to a cricket bat it was a pathetic weapon but with his current strength Maverick was sure if he bashed it over Incisor’s head the kitty cat would feel it.

Could you repeat that?” Maverick asked.

Incisor’s ears pressed back, “Maverick steal War-Chiefs’ treasures. Cali become weak. Incisor help Cali become weak. Eat many Cali hearts.”

The little demon in Maverick’s head was calling out bullshit. Enemy of my enemy shit happened in the movies. In real life people who worked that philosophy planned to stab you in the back the moment they thought they could win alone.

Maverick zoned out and allowed his map to spring up. Seven yellow dots signalled where Sydney’s stolen stock was located.

He pointed to the south east. “That’s the nearest one.” When his attention was on the nearest yellow dot a window appeared.

Item details

Name. Summoning Gemstone.

Item Type: Miniature.

Castro Series Playset

The Summoning Gemstone contains the DNA and spirit of a pre-progamed.

This gemstone allows a creature from a different universe other plane of reality. Creature will perform orders such as to attack certain adventures, mine resources, pray to certain gods, or clean depending on what type of creature it is synchronized to.

Bring your Banished Gods to life with this new addition to your arsenal. Great and terrible beasts rage within the turbulent tides of Castro. Water elementals, sea monsters, ghost ships, villainous pirates, and underwater cities await in this new storyline.

What the hell was that? Maverick held his head and examined the string of words that assaulted him. Like a text message in his head the words were nearly burned into him.

It seemed that part of his new download included information about Sydney’s lost stock. Mainly his catalogue system.

It also appeared that he was hunting a sapphire-like stone. Beautiful, awe-striking, expensive. The picture didn’t tell him much, but like that song that got stuck in your head it did not leave him.

The stone was part of a role playing game. Like a table top adventure. With a game master and players. Only it was on a whole other level with gods and things indescribable as the players, and people like him as the figurines.

The idea made him feel small. Hell, planets were small to these things, and Maverick could not help but think that he was in some way being used for some sadistic bastard’s amusement.

Maverick didn’t want to think about it. Thinking about how those D&D books were somehow real… It… It was something for later.

To distract himself from his sudden episode of inadequacy Maverick pointed his branch threatening at the panther, which he later deduced was probably not a good idea. “You tried to fucking kill me, you bitch.”

Having the slight understanding that she might have been a bit aggressive when she hastily ripped Maverick’s chest open, Incisor gave him the best apology she could. She shrugged.

Maverick held his stomach and realised that the only thing he had been allowed to eat these past days was some paste Doctor Tachibana gave him.

It wasn’t a big mac but it had bought some sanity back to him, but if Maverick didn’t get something soon Incisor had better run.

I don’t suppose you can get me something eat, huh?” Maverick said.

Incisor cocked her head and then tilted her attention towards the jungle. “Don’t move.” The large Aztec cat said, and before Maverick could ask why or argue, Incisor ran for the tree line.

Maverick cursed as he watched the dark streak run right past him. He humoured the thought of chasing after her but realised how fucking idiotic it would be to chase a bloody man eating cat that he almost laughed.

A dark thought then crossed Maverick and the teenager closed his eyes and focused on viewing his map.

Just as he suspected the bitch was heading for the Gapachu village.

Just fucking great.” Maverick said aloud. She was going to gather a few of her friends and tell the family to bring out the good cutlery.

Maverick could run and almost did, but that wouldn’t work out. He didn’t want to say it but he needed some muscle on his side. If he stepped on another one of those log monsters he was dead.

He did consider going Vin Diesel Riddick on the cats and ghost the little shits, but shook his head. This was not an action movie, and though super strength was bad ass it would not be enough.

Maverick examined the stick in his hands. “Alright. Let’s go Far Cry, MacGyver.”


Incisor returned to the spot where she had left the clumsy giant. A wicker basket was slung over her shoulder like a purse and in her hand was a spear with a claw sharpened rib used as an end.

She also carried an expression on her feline face like she had just travelled through New York’s sewer system to go to the DMV.

The panther viewed the area where she had left Maverick and her eyes were wide. She had expected the alien to have vanished or have been eaten, instead he sat on a near by log.

In Maverick’s hand he held a large bone spike, probably the thigh bone off a dead dear. He appeared to be sharpening the foot of bone with a rock he had found.

What took you so long.” Maverick asked as he stood up. The teenager reached back behind the log and pulled out a large wooden stone hammer which was effectively a heavy stone attached to a thick tree branch.