Chapter 24. The Fall

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It would have been wrong to say that this would have been the first time Maverick had felt uncomfortable around people he was about to cheat.

But as he was being lead at spear point by a pride of lionesses armed with spears, Maverick suspected the situation would make a few people uncomfortable have doubts.

Back when he was human and gathering a certain item for an older client, Maverick had crossed paths with one Jonathan Canky, a small time blackmailer who really didn’t like the teenager snooping around his enterprise.

To make a long story short, meeting Maverick had been very unhealthy for poor Johnny, especially when his victims received an anonymous text message exposing the identify of their blackmailer.

That little gamble had turned out well for Maverick despite the nerve breaking of having a switch blade to his face. But this particular venture was proving to be a bit too advanced for his liking.

Maverick turned his head at the Cali leader who now juggled his freedom. He admired her humanoid body along with her pointy breasts.

Unfortunately one of the Cali caught his leering glance.

What is ugly thing looking at?” The Cali asked levelling her spear at Maverick, from her actions Maverick had to remember that most of the people here were shit scared of his appearance.

Maverick was unsure telling the lioness the truth would be considered a reasonable answer. So he thought it was best to play it safe and say “Huna is very beautiful.”

Huna growled, unimpressed by Maverick’s words.

Her sister warriors growled as well but it translated into more of a laugh. “Hairless thing wants to mate with Huna.”

Shut Gess’s filthy mouth or Huna shut it for Gess.” Huna snarled back.

Maverick had thought women, like most of those back home ate flattery as though it was ice cream, but he guessed it was not multi-universal.

As for this mating stuff Maverick was not interested at getting a bit of alien strange, free hanging tits or not.

Maverick frowned and looked down at his non-existent member.

All this sex talk and there was not a single sign of desire in him.

Usually all it came down to was a flash of leg and Maverick would be sporting a bonner, but now there was nothing but a sense of loss. Puberty sucked but it held some perks, now even they were denied to him.

Why does it feel like you know where the artefact is?” Maverick said feeling that he was the one being lead rather than he being the leader of this the party.

Huna frowned. “Ugly grey thing said it knew where sacred relic is.”

Yeah. But you girls have been here for what? A couple of days? How do you know where it is?”

The Cali leader snarled. “Cali have been here since before Huna was born. T’Chull’s treasure has been here since before Huna’s birth”

Wait? There was something wrong about that bit of data.

Maverick looked down to see Scratch-Ear still cleaning himself with half a leaf and torn cloth, concentrating on getting the rank out of his fur. Maverick could not help what was wrong with this story.

During the long walk Maverick used his map to track the other items.

Just as always most of the items were gathered together, and were most likely being guarded by this T’Chall character.

Curiously one of the items in the cluster kept moving around, but it never left a kilometre or so from the other items. Maverick guessed somebody was walking around with one of the things, probably wearing it around his neck.

Seven items to gather and this was what? His fourth day in this alien place?

How did T’Chall lose this treasure? “Somebody steal it?

In the infancy of his rule T’Chall sought to expand his territory. In a day he used the Spear of Orm to completely destroy Scratch-Ear’s village and turn its survivors into slaves to build his new kingdom.

Scratch-Ear screamed that this was a no good Cali lie and for his outburst was given a backhand across the face by Huna’s subordinates.

Maverick was silently impressed that Scratch-Ear was still alive after that. He was sure the kitten would have exploded into red pulp after the smack.

As they continued towards the lonely yellow dot Maverick continued to flatter and squeeze out information from Huna.

T’Chall had grown bored with his simple harem and intended to gain more mates to slate his ego and lust.

Huna’s father went to combat the impudent male, but rather than use the Spear of Orm as he had to crush his rivals T’Chall held up another of Sydney’s toys.

From the product description Maverick knew the item was somehow a teleportation device. As best he could describe the summoning gem it was sort of like a pokeball only used for a bizarre game of D&D.

He pictured a lot of cheesy special effects and a theme song in the background.

After all, Sydney sold toys to nerdy squids who didn’t have a Asian chick to molest on Friday night. At most there was a futuristic robot figurine sprouting of “Fireball” or “Lightning bolt.”

All Maverick had to do was rip the gem out of the doll and presto. He was one step closer to wanking off to internet porn.

The only problem that Maverick could see, besides the pride of hungry lions who were most likely going to eat him, was that the map indicated that the toy was in the centre of a lake.

Just his luck it will most likely be filled with piranha.

Moving through the jungle the Cali continued to prod Maverick with their spears. They disliked his clumsy manner, his lack of grace, even his posture was too straight for them. The bitches reminded him of this one teacher…

His mood softened greatly as he heard the sound of a raging waterfall, his map indicated that the toy was only about two hundred meters straight ahead of them.

Oh shit.” Maverick cried as he lost his footing. Fortunately he had enough time to grab the ledge before he could scream to his death.

Below the group was a substantial drop where three waterfalls bled into what Maverick assumed was an underground lake.

Within the lake itself, just under the surface something large and aquatic cast a shadow. Underneath the bubbling water a pair of red and merciless eyes stared up at the hanging Maverick in spiteful hunger.

What the fuck is that?” Maverick screamed.

The sound of growling laughter was drowned out by the crashing water of the nearby waterfalls.

Maverick meant to scramble up from the ridge and escape his ensuring demise but he hesitated as his nose hairs grazed the tip of a spear.

Up on the ledge the leader of the Cali hunting party was delivering a sinister smile that scared Maverick almost more than whatever the hell was scheming beneath the skin of the lake.

Lake monster is all that waits for Ugly Thing down there.” Huna growled.

Every fibre of Maverick’s being was screaming for him not to look down. That it would only bring him further torment and would more than likely cause him to defecate.

But the dumb-shit just had to gaze back down at the thing that looked as if it had a hobby of sinking pirate ships.

The monster wasn’t moving and was but a huge daunting shadow amongst the jagged rocks. He had a feeling that this was what that bloke Ishmael felt in Moby Dick. Or was that Captain Nemo in Pride and Prejudice?

In either case this was bad.

There was no way possible for anything that big to have survived down there, not for long at least. This thing looked as if it used whale bones to clean the gunk out of its teeth.

Therefore, Maverick reasoned. It did not exist. And if the monster did not exist this whole fucked up adventure was just a dream.

Right now Maverick was in his hospital bed, getting a sweet morphine cocktail.

That sounded far more plausible than this nightmare.

And so, if this was a dream and Maverick was pretty sure it was because the alternative was ending up as monster shit, then he could not die and the spear that looked and smelled as if it was covered in dried blood did not exist.

Fucking logic and denial wins every time.

Hey kitty cat. Your pussy want a tickle?” Maverick asked.

If this truly was a dream and he was destined to wake up screaming then he wanted some wankable and shameful material to enjoy in his days in hospital.

Why would Maverick. A adolescent who was in no way interested in hentai or furry go down the shameless road?

It was pretty obvious. After everything that had been done to him, Maverick had lost his fucking mind.

Huna, not sure about the reference, cocked her head at the seeing the goofy grin on Maverick’s face.

The leader turned her head to witness Gress cow the Damu-Sarmi by displaying her teeth. The male of their tribe would need to interrogate Scratch-Ear to learn of how he figured in with the Maverick’s appearance.

After that it Scratch-Ear would either be put to work or thrown into the pot.

Huna raised her spear and was ready to bring the end down upon Maverick should he chose to not relinquish his grip. She would not allow this ugly, offspring of some witch allow a chance to crawl back up and bother her kind.

Maverick had wanted T’Chall’s treasure and she was happy enough to help him on his way.

That was the closest the spear came to Maverick as a sound hurtled through the forest and rattled Huna’s train of thought.

The Cali bent low. Their ears flattened as they felt the subtle vibrations in the ground, their stubby tails sensed movement and their all-female hunting party became on full alert for threats.

Beyond the range of their feline sight there was a sound of a tree crashing. To Maverick it sounded as if a buffalo was being sent through a wood chipper. It was a sound that he recognised.

You’re in trouble.” Maverick laughed.

The hunters that were now hurdled close to their leader with their weapons to the ready did not waver.

A lesser man would have run, Maverick definitely would have if his legs weren’t scraping off the walls of the death trap he had stumbled into.

But no terror came over the feline-like features of Huna and her pride, if anything, the lioness express a dark and terrible grin of anticipation.

Omtwy.” She said knowing there was only one beast that could tear down a tree so viciously.

Gress licked her lips while the other Cali bowed low and growled.

Unlike the Gapachu, the Cali were pack hunters, who possessed enough individual power to dominate most of the wild life in the area. In a group of eight Cali, not even a bull omtwy with its raging strength could prove too difficult.

Alone they would never entertain the idea of challenging a monster, but together with their pitfall trap easily mended and their spears eager to drink blood, the Cali would feast well tonight.

Another crash came, this one far closer.

The pride turned to one another, not in confusion but for orders.

Normally it would take hours of preparation for a Cali pride to consider such task. However, the orders did not come as another crash rang through the air.

Bravado vanished as the Cali understood their error, this wasn’t a buck going out for a hunt. It was a…

Stampede.” Huna snarled.

As the words escaped her mouth the leader fell to her back as Incisor charged out of the bush and tackled her to the ground. “Cali will not leave unscratched.”

Huna opened her maw to roar out the order to kill the Gapachu and bring her skin back to their mate.

Spears were raised, to puncture Incisor and end the threat to their leader’s life. It was the wrong move as over seven hundred pounds of man-eating reptile broke through the thick bush and charged for the group.

The omtwy’s great maw flying spit and rage upon the women as it continued to run blind.

A heartbeat was all the time Incisor needed to hop off Huna before the omtwy opened its mouth to scoop up the lioness.

The Cali’s roar was a combination of pain and the acknowledgement of her own death as the omtwy’ finger sized teeth buried themselves deeply into her flesh.

However, the omtwy did not have enough time to savour its meal as the ground gave out under it, and causing all three to plummet to their deaths.