Chapter 33. A Complete Sell Out

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This was a dream. The reason that Maverick knew this was easy enough to figure out. He was sitting at the front seat of Her Majesty’s Theatre.

He looked around, the place was empty and there was nothing on stage. “Is this heaven?” Maverick asked himself.

I think if this was your heaven there would be a lesbian sex show with Marilyn Monroe, Scarlett Johansson and the Olsen twins.” A familiar voice said.

Maverick spun his head to see Nancy Harrington right next to him. She was older and wearing something expensive and if Maverick guessed, Italian made.

Actually it’s Swedish made. Then again, you never did know style?” Nancy said, her beautiful face twisted into a frown, “Why did I saw that?” she shrugged.

At seeing the evil, if remarkably hot cow, Maverick’s face contorted into a scowl, “You bitch.”

I suppose I deserve that.”

You put me in the hospital. Your dad kicked my teeth in.” As far as Maverick was concern, calling her a bitch was the least he could do. The most he could do was kill her and burn down her house.

Nancy rolled her eyes, “Don’t be so melodramatic, Maverick. You’re dead. The dead don’t have the right to bitch.”

Maverick felt the world spin, “I’m dead?”

Ten years ago. You died on the hospital bed. They said it was something about a mix up in your medication.”

Mix up my arse. A fucking psycho nurse put acid in me. She bought your fucking story and decided to kill me.” Maverick wanted to strangle Nancy for what she did. He had been a bit of a arse but he hadn’t been a dick. Not for the first time he wished he shagged more of her friends.

For a moment, Nancy’s eyes showed horror and a shock. She believed him, which was amazing because Maverick didn’t believe himself. If Maverick had been told that somebody got killed by a vigilante nurse he would think the guy was on the piss.

Nancy’s shoulders slumped as the full weight of what she had down hit her, “I’m sorry. If it makes you feel better your mom got a bit of money from the settlement.”

Maverick wanted to scream and cry and mourn for his life. Nancy had killed him, or at the least was the cause of his death. Ten years? Ten bloody years. Maverick didn’t want to believe her, Nancy was a born liar. His downfall was proof of that. But the strange part was he did believe her. As idiotic as it sounded, Maverick had been dead for ten years.

A ball of hate nearly choked the words from Maverick, “For god’s sake, Nancy, why? Why did you fuck me over like that? I fucking loved you.”

Nancy looked down at her expensive pumps like they the cows that they were made from didn’t judge her for wearing them, “You won’t believe me. I was up there on stage…”

As she talked, Maverick saw it. It was like one of those flashbacks on TV, the waves, the change in light like the cameraman was drunk. Maverick was tempted to shout, “Change the channel,” he hated flashbacks. It was a poor way to tell a story, it was lazy, and it just looked so boring.

He was back at school the moment before his life turned to shit. Nancy was up there on stage giving her little speech.

He looked over to see himself sitting there behind Nancy’s dad. It was hard to believe that it had been almost a week since his death. Younger Maverick had no idea what was going to happen. The strangeness, the madness, the horror.

Maverick wanted to go up to his younger self and scream at him to run or stop Nancy before she ruined him, but it was no use. Maverick was stuck to the floor like he got stuck in cement. He couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, he was a pure spectator.

Many of you will grow up to be lawyers and doctors, men and women who will make life better for the rest of us. I see several people right here and now who could do amazing things if they put some effort into their work.”

Then, time stopped. Maverick looked around to see that people were frozen in place. Their bodies, their faces, everything. It was cool and unsettling at the same time. The only one who could move was Nancy.

She hadn’t noticed that time had stopped, instead she tapped at the mic, thinking that some joker had cut the power. “Someone want to check the connection?”

Beautiful speech.” someone called out. Up on stage a man in a green business suit casually walked up the stairs. The face was hansom, something straight out of a magazine or a movie, and his smile was just as fake. He glided over the stage, almost as if he didn’t understand there was such a thing as gravity or gravity didn’t understand him.

Um, who are you?” Nancy said. She looked to the crowd trying to see if this was part of the show.

Maverick knew who the business man was before the man could present himself. That tasteless green suit, that slimy sense of not belonging. Maverick grit his teeth.

You can call me Sydney.” Sydney said. shouldn’t be up here.” Nancy had no idea how right she was.

There was some part of Maverick that knew that Sydney had no place in this world. Sydney defied understanding. What Maverick had seen of the nightmare was just a puppet, a shell that his puny mind could understand.

Sydney had no form, he was a dark god, just like Peggy at the dinner, he was a creature of nonsense that had no place outside of his home and prison.

As if sensing that this man was something other than what he pretended to be, Nancy stepped back. “What have you done to them?”

Nothing. But don’t concern yourself with these,” he didn’t gesture or nod to the crowd, his gaze remained on a space just beyond Nancy as if he couldn’t quiet see her. “I want to offer you something.”

Sydney held out his hand to Nancy and there was a sound like Velcro being pulled. In his hands was a simple gold necklace that seemed to shimmer a little too brightly to be gold.

Name: Idolise

Item type: Jewellery

Series: Ro3al

When worn by a sentient creature of the material plane the necklace causes the wearer to be more believable and enhances their natural acting ability.

The dream ended. Maverick didn’t need to see any more. He knew what happened, had lived the aftermath of Nancy’s greed and betrayal.

He was back in the theatre again.

For some reason he wanted you in his pocket. I just assumed you pissed someone off. You were good at that.” Nancy said.

For fuck’s sake,” Maverick yelled. Sydney. It had been that twisted son of a bitch who had orchestrated all of this and left Maverick in a state where he would be easy to control. Even that nurse was probably on his payroll.

He could see that Nancy was still wearing the necklace. The lying cow played with it as she spoke. After ten years she probably thought that it was a good luck charm, and Maverick doubted that she ever took it off.

After that, things changed,” Nancy confessed, “I got into acting. I did my first show here.” she nodded towards the stage. “Got onto Neighbours.” she winced and moved uncomfortably in her chair, “Sorry about the autobiography. Is that why you’re in my dream? Is this some part of my conscious telling me to tell the truth?”

Nancy turned on Maverick, “I am really sorry, but that is not going to happen.”

If anything Maverick was more afraid of this Nancy. The old Nancy was a bitch, but Incisor felt more gentle than this utter lunatic. Maverick got the idea that he had just been the start of Nancy’s reign of terror, just what kind of horrors had she inflicted on the world with that necklace?

Before this whole mess had started Maverick might have backed down, Nancy had kicked his arse before, but her betrayal had made him bold.

In a flash, he stole Nancy’s necklace. There was no resistance, the necklace had just fallen into his fingers, he took it was providence and held it out to her so that she could see, “You sold me out for this, and I’m taking it back.”

Nancy reached out for her necklace but Maverick jumped over the seat.

Give that back you little shit.” Nancy called out.

For some reason Maverick felt like he needed to get up on that stage. He wanted to go back and slug it out with his murderer but he knew that Nancy would beat him nine out of ten times. She had sold him to slavery for this piece of shit jewellery and what had she done with it?

Would Sydney have got him without her help? Sure, Maverick didn’t think that she would be that deciding factor, but it still hurt.

After the hospital, his heart, along with his ribs had been broken. If Nancy had come clean and gave him some pity sex he may have fallen back in love with her. As much as that truth would have sickened him, he had loved her. But now he realised that moment that she had betrayed him, Nancy had left a hole inside of him.

For the past few days that hole had been filled with terror and exhaustion. Maverick had been too busy surviving to be worried about bad break up. But now it came, but instead of sadness and loss there was just a sense of unfairness.

That was what really pissed him off. His mom, who had to live with the humiliation of giving birth to a fucking rapist. Nancy had done that, she had villainized him.

He got to the stage and turned on Nancy who was scrambling like a mad woman to reach him. Even if this was a dream, if the bitch wanted this cursed thing she was going to have to kill him a second time for it.

On stage, Maverick cried out, “Fuck you Nancy.”