Chapter 10. The local wildlife

<——Chapter 9. Welcome to Bracëo      Chapter 11. Screw the rain forest———>

The rich smells of plant life and nature reminded Maverick of Ballarat’s forests, or whatever was left of them after that arson incident.

It was neither an ominous or unwelcome scent that brought on these recollections of home. Ballarat was just a place and though it wasn’t an exciting place it did have all of Maverick’s stuff in it.

A symphony of bird calls and the whistling of wind through the leaves stirred Maverick from his rest.

A deep sigh signified that Maverick was alive and active. “Where…” The youth spurted.

Had he dreamt the whole thing? Had he been sleepwalking and now rested in the backyard? Just how much did he drink this time? Did Scott sip something funny in his beer.

Eventually moving felt like the thing to do, but motivation was never Maverick’s strong suit. His muscles and mind felt numb, and his stomach was groaning for food loud enough to cause the ground to vibrate.

What.” Maverick said as he felt the rumbling grow. “That better be a truck.” Maverick let out a curse as he stood, this was not his backyard and the surrounding foliage was too vibrant to belong to Ballarat.

Maverick strained his ears in hopes to pick up the sounds of a road but there was nothing, painful, horrible nothing. No insects, no nocturnal animals, an no Subway damn it.

But there had to be some form of civilisation nearby because if there wasn’t what was causing the world to shake?

As if reading his curiosity the tremors abruptly stopped.

What the hell?” Maverick shouted angrily.

What had been a noisy forest filled a moment ago was now dead silent. No longer was the singing of bird or the noises of insects humping on another, there was only an intense awkward silence.

Maverick winced and wanted to beat himself to a pulp.

He had seen a good number of horror flicks to know when things became silent a serial killer with a fucking big knife came out for a game of hockey.

Crap.” Maverick whispered to himself.

Not having the desire to be just another statistic in a slasher flick Maverick picked one direction at random and ran like there was a sparkler up his ass.

Something to the left blasted through the trees with enough force to gouge a hole through them.

Shit shit shit.” The scared shitless teenager shouted as he pushed his new body for everything it had. Whatever was behind him was big, fast, and was right on his ass.

The howl the monster let out was like if a monster truck and train wreak happening at once.

Don’t look back you stupid fuck. Maverick told himself as he commanded his legs to pump faster.

The light was limited but the people who built the Greys must have liked their night time jogging because despite Maverick’s hunger he was moving with athletic speed.

Another howl caused Maverick to envision some giant bear with a knife and fork chasing him, Benny Hill style through the forest. The time for desperation had gone and passed, now it was time for something stupid.

Seeing a tree trunk Maverick opened up his arm and, using his momentum, sling shot himself in a ninety degree angle while not losing a step.

The sudden change in direction had the desired effect, whatever was chasing Maverick was unable to change direction quickly enough and let out a roar as it skidded to a halt.

Maverick turned his head but was only able to make out that the alien bulldozer was big and reptilian, had he landed in the land of the dinosaurs?

Beam me out of here, Scotty.” Maverick screamed hoping that somebody with a teleport pad was listening.

Up ahead Maverick spotted a moss covered log that looked almost like a ramp, looking further ahead, Maverick saw that it was leading up to a low hanging tree branch.

Did he really want to stoop to Assassin’s Creed 3?

Behind the sound of breaking branches and trees signalled the return of Barney the Dinosaur.

Assassin’s creed it was.

The moss on the log was an unholy combination of slippery and sticky, if it wasn’t for the life and death struggle Maverick would have been grossed out as his toes sunk into the growth.

The makeshift ramp becoming unbalanced Maverick launched himself upwards, his arms reaching for the low hanging branch like it was a get out of jail free card.

Maverick’s shot in the dark bore fruit, he had made the jump with a ninja-like ease and whether by survival or his new found strength Maverick scampered up the tree as if the ground was made of acid.

Hhis accession was only halted by the sound predator’s warning hiss.

Having the sneaking suspicion that above his head was a tree snake Maverick looked up prayed that it wasn’t venomous.

Good news and bad news.

The good news was that it was not a tree snake resting in the branch. The bad news was that what had made the branch Maverick was currently holding its home was a black panther with what looked like a red Mohawk.

The panther with the impressive Mohawk viewed the startled Maverick with a level of aggressive contempt that only cats could.

Maverick stared at the panther’s sharp claws and the panther stared down at intruder with the idea of using said claws to rip his face off.

This awkward moment was only broken when the beast that had been chasing lowered its head and crashed into the tree in an attempt to shake something edible down.

The panther did not waste time.

It ran across the branch and jumped for the nearest tree. From its new vantage spot the beast stared back at the idiot who ruined its perch and Maverick had this funny feeling the furry bastard was mentally flipping him the bird.

When the monster down below pounded the tree again with its head there was the worrying sound of wood breaking followed by a creaking noise.

Oh Shiiittttt.” Maverick cried as he came back down to the ground.


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