Chapter 11. Screw the rain forest

<——–Chapter 10. The local wildlife       Chapter 12. Caged and Enslaved——>

There was a crash as the tree and the idiot who was holding onto it found solid ground.

By some miracle Maverick had survived the fall, sadly his ankle had become broken and his left arm was fractured in two places so he wasn’t about to be celebrating any time soon.

Maverick also had this sneaking suspicion his internal organs got moved around but cast these worries aside as something large and hungry began making its way towards him.

What did this thing look like? Maverick didn’t know and didn’t want to know. It could have been on oversized playful bunny and he wouldn’t care, it was hungry, had uprooted a tree, and was now close enough for Maverick to determine that he did not like it.

The sounds of something large breathing in the air caused Maverick to hold his breath. The thing was sniffing, trying to pick up where he had fallen.

The branches and leaves hid Maverick’s body but it did nothing to mask his scent, if he did not move whatever this thing was, was going to find him.

On the opposite side of the coin, if he did move and with his ankle broken he was not going to get far.

Pins and needles ran up from Maverick’s ankles and down from his arm, and pain dipped in the fear of being found caused a tear to scale down his cheek.

Run or hide? Run or hide? Neither option appealed to the teenager. He had possibly seconds before this bastard found and ate him and possibly less time if he revealed himself.

There was the snapping of a twig and Maverick froze in place. Had he caused it?

The creature swivelled its head around to the side, unsure if it heard correctly as well.

A small rodent that looked more like a mouse had sex with horse fell from the tree the panther was now sitting, the poor thing squeaked and drew the attention of Barney.

Having this idea that the breaking twig was all the distraction he was going to get Maverick scampered out of his hideout of leaves and dirt.

Behind him the monster was enjoying the rodent like fat man did a pretzel, all the while it’s larger prey was slowly crawling out from under the toppled tree.

The pain from the broken ankle was fucking killing him, but through some effort managed did scream or curse, instead he allowed his tears to express his dissatisfaction over recent events.

Each time he rested his foot on the ground it was like somebody took a hammer and nail and sent it through the joint.

If Maverick did not get himself to a hospital there was no doubt in his head that infection would set in and amputation would be the only cure, but this was for future thoughts and worries, right now he needed not to be eaten right now.

Unable to go far without alerting the creature and climbing out of the picture. Maverick tried to search for something a bit more lower to the ground.

Twenty feet away Maverick finally hit the lottery.

It was a barrow of some kind, it was as if somebody had been digging underneath the tree, removing the dirt between the thicker roots so that it would be able to provide camouflaged while making sure to not uproot the tree itself.

It could work, but hell, for all Maverick knew the tree was carnivorous. Who knew what made the borrow its home?

A bloody roar from the fallen tree signified the end of the monster’s snack break and for Maverick choice of hiding spot.

His leg feeling like it would drop off Maverick limped over to the borrow, if there was something living in the hole it was about to get a new room mate.

Two steps away from the borrow the wounded teen could feel the earth shake, the beast was gaining speed. The race was on and Maverick was not the favourite to win.

The opening was so close but each step was pure agony. Come on. Come on, you beauty. Maverick told himself, psyching himself up to ignore the torture.

The rumbling and crazed snorting behind Maverick did nothing to settle his nerves.

The monster was getting ready to pull out the tomato sauce. Maverick could smell the fucker breath as it opened its mouth to gobble him up.

No time to get down on his knees and crawl inside, Maverick launched himself at the opening.

Oomph.” Maverick grunted as he got a nostril full of rich dirt. He didn’t waste time as he dragged himself, his feet just barley making it inside the entrance. It was a tight fit.

There was a crash as something with lots of teeth head butted the tree.

Maverick didn’t even realised he was screaming, he felt the grains of moist dirt bombarding his face, the snapping of wood, and the howls of a pissed off dinosaur.

He was going to get buried alive.

He twisted his body and managed to look back to see a set of jaws open and close, when the monster couldn’t get its mouth in, it used its horn to tear and scoop up the loose dirt.

Outside the beast lunged again and again, its maw of overdeveloped teeth close enough that Maverick could just make out its last meal. The creature could taste the high school graduate’s alien fear and with each sniff its hunger and rage grew.

Terrified and alone, Maverick started to dig. It didn’t matter where, down or out, both direction were just as good. He used his non-existent fingernails and scraped at the dirt while not caring about anything but survival.

It is in these times the brain switches gears, when there is no place to run, zero chance of escape, and you’re up against insane odds, it reverts to attack. With no fire arms, Maverick was forced to get creative.

With his back against the wall of roots and ignoring the slimy, wiggly things that made their home in the base of the tree, Maverick searched for something, anything that he could use as a weapon.

The beast lurched forward, its shoulders breaking through Maverick’s cage and sanctuary.

Okay you son of a bitch.” Maverick said trying to build up the courage to do something idiotic but necessary. His feet caught something, it was hard and round, possibly a rock.

Putting its back legs into it the creature pushed its way forward, its jaws crashing down only inches away from its prey.

Now having a clear view Maverick could see that this thing was reptilian like a crocodile but only much bigger, it was like some kind of mutant dinosaur. Some escapee from Jurassic Park.

Without further hesitation Maverick picked up the rock and brought it down on the brute’s nose, it accomplished nothing but to inform the monster that it was now close enough to its midnight snack.

The great crocodile pulled its head back out of the hole, it had broken its way though and opening was now big enough for Maverick to get through without trouble, too bad the beast was giving no such chance.

With an annoyed growl the monster rammed through the weakened opening.

Maverick only had enough time to close his eyes and scream before there was a sickening crunch.

Warm and sticky viscous fluid painted Maverick’s cloths and dripped down the monster’s toothy snout.

Was this it? The end? Had Maverick only survived the crazy doctor and jail to die in this alien jungle by a mutant?

Feeling no pain Maverick allowed himself to open one eye lid experimentally. Had Sydney flipped the bill for another body?

What Maverick had first confused for a rock was in fact coconut of some kind and in his fear fuelled haste had used this food source as a shield. The beast had meant to kill Maverick but its only triumph was to get a mouth full of pulp and juice.

The crocodile pulled its head back to spit the contents of the nut from its mouth but Maverick was having none of that, a bit of salt in the mouth was not going to be enough to make the monster rethink dinner.

Driven mad from fear Maverick snatched up another buried nut and as the monster pulled back Maverick grabbed the bastard’s horn, “Hungry fucker?” he asked.

Shocked at its prey’s actions the reptile opened its mouth to lash out its tongue in order to slurp up the treat, too bad it soon discovered a flaw in its plan.

It’s a little known fact that crocodiles put all their muscles into snapping down on their prey, but there is a small drawback to the crushing power. With a firm grip, it is possible for a person to stop them from going for a second bite.

Ready to shit himself, Maverick screamed with all the force of an eight year old girl as took the bet of a life time. Could he hold into this thing’s mouth and kill it without getting eaten?

His legs wrapped around the fucker’s jaws imagined himself riding a mechanical bull.

He had never ridden a mechanical bull, but it was an immensely better image than five ton leather bag.

Unable to open its mouth the monster shook vigorously, if possible it looked more pissed than it had been five seconds ago.

Still screaming like a pubescent girl in a toy store, Maverick brought down between the super predator’s eyes. “Die. Die. Why wont you die?”

The attack did little then anger the giant crocodile. The beast shook its head erratically but failed to shake off the annoying sack of grey meat.

F.U.C.K.I.N.G. Die.” Maverick ordered.

Due to Maverick’s new psychic communication skills the beast got most of what the bald treat was trying to do and decided to show his prey why its kind was the master of the forest.

Scraping its back leg against the ground the rhino crocodile thing lowered its head in an aggressive manner, if it could not eat Maverick whole then it was going to lick him off the walls.

From his life time of watching cartoons and animal documentaries Maverick got the idea of what the monster was thinking.

“You son of ahhhh.” He screamed as the beast charged for tree that Maverick had resided in.

Maverick only had a split second to act. After sucking in a mouthful of air he let out a scream as he threw himself off the living battering ram.

Landing on the ground Maverick felt his left hand and tight knee become skinned, and he cursed openly.

He watched as the monster that had been hunting him for the night let out a roar before its head smashed through the cage of roots.

Despite being a lizard Maverick got the sense that the thing looked happy to be rid of both Maverick and the gunk that it had half swallowed.

Its victory was short lived, however, as the tree’s stability became in question.

Even from his landing point Maverick could hear the supports snap from the weight of the tree, the thing was coming down. And right on the croc’s head.

A smile stretched across Maverick’s tired face. “Yeah. Timber you asshole.”

The monster could hear its prey gloating and went to pull its head out of the remaining roots, its mistake was known immediately as a broken root punctured the soft flesh on the back of its neck.

The beast howled in rage buts its attempts at freedom hastened the deterioration of its prison.

With one final snap the tree’s weight came down like a guillotine.

Maverick witnessed the dinosaur become crushed under the immense weight of the tree, its last scream that of panic.

Yes.” He breathed as he sat down on his rea. His body exhausted and his legs about ready to go on a vacation, Maverick got ready for a breather, but his rest would have to wait.

The shelter that had protected him so far quickly became another problem, without cause to stop the tree became a falling hammer waiting to put the last nail in Maverick’s coffin.

Oh, come on.”

Still powered by the amazing drive of being shit scared, Maverick’s adrenaline supply gave one last burp and with one leap he cleared the tree’s path of destruction.

Face down in the mud and the filth, again, exhausted and getting ready to pass out from the adrenaline rush, Maverick’s stomach let out a painful growl.

Shut up.” Maverick said to his complaining gut.

Through some otherworldly miracle Maverick gathered enough strength to swivel around and check out his victory.

The creature was there but it was hard to tell what state it was in due to the lack of light. Was it still alive? Maverick couldn’t rule out the possibility as the thing looked as if it could head but a ballistic missile and come out on top.

A sharp splinter like pain shot into Maverick’s lower back and he gave it no mind. It was probably just a beetle that crawled in his clothes while he was in the tree, that or he broke his back, in either case he wasn’t in a condition to do much about it.

Exhausted too much to care at that point Maverick closed his eyes, the poison from the dart in his back making the world go bye bye.


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