Chapter 2. Graduation


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<——-Chapter 1. Hunt          Chapter 3. In plain sight——->

As the last portion of toast entered Maverick’s mouth he snatched up his bag and gave a furious wave to his mother.

Good luck.” His mother called as she too was running late for work.

Having arrived at the shed, Maverick looked down at his pried and joy. An expression of love was clearly seen as the seventeen year old gazed down at his precious mountain bike, a wondrous sight of gears, breaks, and a score of memories attached to its make-up.

Two years ago Maverick paid for his friend and companion.

A story of love at first sight that could have won any number of awards and publishing contracts, and although the contraption didn’t have a pair of breasts on it like Nancy Harrington did, it allowed its owner to ride it without the argument of a condom.

With the energy of a spooked rabbit, the young man made his journey through the winding streets.

The chilly morning air burned on his face and tongues of cold clawed on his ears, it was these sensations that told Maverick that he was alive and he loved every minute of it.

He pictured himself on a motorbike in a post apocalyptic world, with his hands ready to draw a Uzi, gangster style, on whatever pissed him off the most.

Coming into sight of his fellow prisoners of the institution known as Ballarat High School, where every student is given a depressing uniform, a number, and work that could be labelled as torture to some.

Normally Maverick could have pictured a thousand things better to do with his time then coming out here and having his mind dunked in the useless stuff they teach children here, but not today.

As he looked out across the students, Maverick allowed himself to smile. Tee Hee. The little demon in Maverick’s head said as the little bastard gave the angel that had once been Maverick’s moral side its morning smack to the gob.

Have a good time getting your brains urinated on by the English and science teacher drop-kicks, I’m going to be spending my time on the couch, eating chips and masturbating to naughty pictures of your mums.

It should be noted at this point that Maverick was not so stupid to ever say something like this allowed, else he would be spending most of his life with a black eye or end up being a total social reject.

At school he put on the mask every other brown nose wore, did not smoke, he engaged in polite conversation to people he would rather repeatedly assault with a cricket bat, and he resisted the urge to fondle girls’ breasts like a farmer checking if his produce was ripe.

He did not allow his inner asshole to come out very often and when it did it was on a social network site and under an assumed name.

Having secured his bike in the shed along with the other students’, the youth looked at the busy traffic that was near the hall.

Seniors and volunteers were carrying objects to and from the gymnasium for the big occasion, the occasion being the year twelves graduation ceremony.

Normally, Maverick would have given this day up completely, gave the school the finger as he passed by, and went to the movies to destroy his brain in meaningless violence and sex scenes.

But Nancy had made things pretty clear what would happen if he should forget to come to this pit-stain of hell, and Maverick had plans to have some sex in the future.

So like always he would grit his teeth and bare with it, for the sake of boobs. Which is a very noble cause for a teenager.

Hey Rick.” Said the voice of a pubescent tenth grader with the face like he shoved it in a wasps nest.

Lockie.” Maverick said in a friendly manner while trying to ignore the other boy’s disfiguring acne. “What can I help you with?”

Lockie looked around and saw a pack of seventh grader girls just talking about nothing worth mentioning.

From the twerp’s demeanour Maverick could tell this guy was going to grow up to be a fine and outstanding member of the community, who wore tin hats and flinched whenever a helicopter flew by.

In a conspiratorial tone Lockie said. “Ah. I need some… Supplies.”

You had to be careful with these skittish types, they were easy to spook and easy to break.

But as it was most likely going to be Maverick’s last business transaction and he did carry one or two emergency kits on hand the hoodlum just shrugged. “Sure, just wait for me by the spot. And try not to wet yourself.”

Maverick knew he was asking for a lot, but the dude needed to relax. God only knows what the little twit would be like if he ever got a crack habit.

With the patience of a hawk and the look of a constipated wolf, Maverick observed his surroundings.

If the anyone so much as blinked at Lockie wrong then it was time to call it a day. Just because it was his last day of school didn’t mean Maverick was allowed to relax his rules.

Having decided to take the scenic root to his office, Maverick strolled to the hall to have a peek.

Inside, the students and volunteers were setting things up, with one or two teachers providing moral support. Chairs were being put into rows, tables getting set up, and a whole bunch of other little pointless tasks were being done.

A feeling to leave coursed through his warning system.

Maverick was good at having a gut feeling, intuition was his body warning him from experience that something was wrong with the atmosphere, unfortunately his gut must have just come in to work as he turned to find a teacher staring at him.

You mind giving us a hand?” It was Mr Roland, the P.E. teacher who looked as if he should be in the tenth grade and not teaching a pack of boys the importance of stretching.

Piss off kid. I think I can hear your mummy calling you. Maverick’s little demon said, annoyed that anyone would have the nerve to ask him to be a volunteer.

Well?” The jail bait teacher asked and practically forced a chair into Maverick’s hands. “I’m not the one graduating, get moving.”

Don’t worry sonny, Maverick thought as he dumped a chair among its brothers. you keep drinking your milk and one day you’ll be old enough to attend your own graduation ceremony.

God, Maverick would have loved to say it to his face, but it was forced smiles and the feeling as if somebody had confiscated his balls.

I think hell must have frozen over.” Said a female student to the left. “Maverick Kenning, volunteering.”

A smirk covered Maverick’s face as he looked to see a devil in a tight white shirt.

Beside him, placing her own chair next his was Nancy Harrington.

In Maverick’s honest opinion Nancy was a bad girl trapped in the shell of a honour student. Few knew what she was really a bitch with a pair of innocent eyes, of course it wasn’t Nancy’s eyes Maverick was drawn to but her C-cup friends as he called them.

Nancy’s smile showed her truly evil intentions. “You still open for business?”

Are you? Maverick wanted to ask but held it in, “We still on tonight?” he asked.

Nancy’s mouth dropped in mock horror. “What type of girl do you think I am?”

Maverick knew exactly what type of girl she was and it was one of the best reasons he loved her.

She understood him, manipulated him, tempted him, and helped him gain the strength to give his conscious a wedgie. “A girl I really like a lot.” To see naked. He again wanted to add.

Hey.” Shouted a boy from the other end. “Don’t make us turn on the hose. Get back to work.”

As much as Nancy wanted to dump the miscreant to save her image, her and Maverick’s relationship had become something of a urban legend. One of the little side effects of Chinese whispers.

Get caught with somebody’s hands up your blouse once and things get out of proportion quickly. If the rumour mill was true both Maverick and Nancy were a loving couple that had a healthy dose of teenage pregnancy scares thrown in, but in truth their relationship was summed up as damage control.

Nancy kept her reputation from sinking while enjoying Maverick’s stock and Maverick got to walk around town with a girlfriend. Or at least that was how it started till Maverick wanted something more.

Maverick went to give Nancy a kiss on the mouth but she turned away at the last instant and he only got a cheek. He winced at the lack of mutural love but as always shrugged it off.

See ya, honey.” Maverick said and delighted in that fake smile Nancy rewarded him. “Got some studying to do.”


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