Chapter 5. The death of a Maverick.

Not big on the bedside manner.

Not big on the bedside manner.

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Like always in these incidents, there was a scandal.

Police were second to the scene as an ambulance and media were involved. But the police enquiry would have to wait as Maverick was unable to give a statement due to having had a slight case of having the shit kicked out of him.

Two days. That was how long Maverick was in critical condition when Mr Harrington was pulled away from a bloodied and broken Maverick.

Twelve broken bones, concussion, internal bleeding, and some minor fractures was Maverick’s reward for turning up to his graduation ceremony.

But after what Nancy had falsely confessed, everyone in that auditorium solely believed that Maverick got off easy.

To his luck the doctors didn’t need to put any pins in his bones but the down side was that Maverick’s teeth were lost.

When Maverick heard this among the sounds of the machines that were keeping him alive he thought of it as a good trade in, he was not going to be the smiling type after this day.

Detective Daniels had hand cuffed him to bed post prior to the interrogation, an act the doctors suggested to him was on the paranoid side.

Maverick was not going anywhere in his state, but the risk of suicide was high in his experience and it looked like an open and shut case which Maverick got the gist of.

With his one good eye Maverick was able to see the Detective from the relative comfort of his bed, the relative part being that he had a catheter and just had his love life sent down a Mexican toilet during the aftermath of Chilli night.

There wasn’t much to say about Detective Daniels, he wouldn’t be able to pick him out in a family photo, he had big curly locks that borderlined on a afro even with a comb, and he wore a Ballarat police uniform.

The only part of him that Maverick found both interesting about him was the stun-gun in his holster and the lack of handcuffs on his person.

Normally they would have done this in an interrogation room but sadly the parents and the press wanted this over quickly, and like everyone Daniels took orders.

Reading from his notebook for the hundredth time since he was handed the folio containing the evidence on Maverick, Daniels spoke. “I’ve been reading over your case…”

Right from the letter go Maverick wasn’t listening.

His mother had told him that the police had searched their house for any evidence. They of course would find something, cigarettes mostly, perhaps some porn. Nothing to tell them where Maverick got either.

Perhaps the photos of both him and Nancy going to the Ballarat show grounds would be in his favour at court, maybe the emails would work in his favour as well.

What am I charged with?” It was difficult to speak but Maverick managed to at least make his muffled speech understandable.

Yes, um.” The Detective searched through his notes though he had no need to. “Fifty accounts of selling smokes to minors, four counts of rape, trafficking narcotics…”

Four? Laughable, Maverick and Nancy had done it at least ten… Maverick gowned as he heard the narcotics charge, “And how many times did the b… Nancy Harrington accuse me of forcing myself on her?”

It was difficult to keep a civil tongue, but Maverick knew that if he had any hope of getting out of the hospital without a pair of handcuffs around his wrist he was going to need to stay calm, the painkillers swimming in his system helped.

The Detective was finding this conversation unusual. About now the felons around Maverick’s age would be giving every bullshit lie they could trudge up in the blind hope that it would get them less than a slap on the wrist.

From the recodes he was holding Maverick Kenning had never been in custody before, perhaps he was just in shock, or maybe the offender was as guilty as sin and wanted to get caught. “Her statement subjects that it was only once.”

Then that meant that the charges were from three other girls and not just Nancy. Three other girls who accused him of taking advantage of them, all of them probably Nancy’s minions.

Maverick had never had sex with anyone but Nancy. She was not the type you tried to sleep around with, behind that smile that made his old man seem tame in comparison.

She covered it up by being hot, but until two days ago Maverick never would have known she was capable of something like this.

Knowing the attention and sympathy Nancy probably got, as well as the questionable morals of her friends, adding in how close the girls were and how terrified they were of Nancy when she didn’t get her way, it was a no brainier.

Maverick was fucked.

The narcotics charge as well, it was possible that Nancy would have told the police Maverick’s business methods and once the librarian was brought in on the hunt for evidence against the evil mastermind, Maverick’s clientele would have been compromised. But you would have to be a complete retard to come to school with…


Maverick had thought the little shit was more high strung then usual and his nose was a bit too red. Did the son of a bitch last the whole five seconds before he chose to out Maverick as his supplier?

This lead Maverick to believe he was now officially the scapegoat for every student that ever had something in their locker they should not have, or just wanted to screw with him.

Well that was it then wasn’t it?

Even if Maverick got out of four accusations of molestation of a pack of pure and innocent school girls, which had about as much chance as surviving from head-butting a speeding freight train, he would not get out of all the accusations.

Even if the cops managed to stick one pack of smokes being sold to school kids on school property a bill totalling up to a ten thousand bucks will be in his mail.

Adding on the legal bills, the Kenning family was going to end up bankrupt and forced to move to Antarctica to escape all the dirty looks.

As Daniels began the operation of trying to get as much information from Maverick as possible, the wounded teen said nothing and focused his mind on the equipment that measured his heart-rate.

Perhaps if he concentrated hard enough he could give himself a heart attack and things would be good.

You might want to start talking to me kid.” The detective said.

What exactly was the point? This was a classic case of he said she said, only now there were four shes and a drug dealing charge put on top of a shit storm of trouble.

How many years am I going to prison? Maverick thought as he pondered suicide. Twenty? Thirty?

It didn’t matter, he doubted he was going to survive a month. There was no future in this, no way out as far as he could see. Of course with Australia’s leniency on this kind of assault it was probably going to be community service.

The idea of killing Nancy, just to make sure he went to prison for an actual crime did come to Maverick, but he would never get within striking range of her throat. University and a family? Maverick would have laughed if he could. Such things were out of his reach.

Okay.” Daniels said as he searched his notepad. “How about your tell me where you got the cigarettes?”

Go away. There was no chance Maverick was going to try and rat out his source, as much as a bastard Maverick knew he was there was some loyalty somewhere in him.

If he did survive prison he needed friends quickly and if he could manage to smuggle in some smokes he might just be able to keep his anal virginity.

With little choice and through much discomfort, Maverick gave his mumbled report which had to be repeated back to him a number of times.

Rather than deny everything, Maverick got an idea of what the police had and decided to get his little business out in the open.

He confessed that he had started to steal and sell his mother’s smokes to students as early as grade eight in order to pay for his bike, with luck the police will suspect that he simply kept plundering small amounts from his mom’s purse for smokes and she chose to look away.

Next came his and Nancy’s relationship for which Maverick argued most of the allegations, Nancy had full blown out accused him and he he was completely shocked over how much she had missed the chance of screwing him up further.

Locked inside his own body while the clock ticked down Maverick suspected that Nancy had planned this out for months.

That she had done everything from posting the adult photo’s of herself, doctored just enough that she would get the money while also playing towards the victim, and point everything she had at him while making it believable.

Nancy had done none of this, Maverick couldn’t understand how the same person who had meticulously and anomalously blackmailed five school staff members at the same time could be such an armature not to tie everything up in a neat little bow.

There wasn’t enough evidence to free Maverick but there was just enough to cause probable doubt, if he acted immediately.

Forced to play the scared fool, Maverick gave the performance of his life, crying, sobbing, his drama teacher would have given him a standing ovation if he had been in the room.

It was regrettable but Maverick would have to cut off his leg if he wanted to survive this trap, he gave the Detective some sympathy points by wilfully handing over the password to his computer and non-business phone.

It was no great loss as he suspected the police had already got a search warrant for his laptop and cracked his pitiful password.

There, they would locate the emails he sent to Nancy as well as some contacts of individuals who could state that Nancy had been the dominant one in the relationship.

But what about the other girls? Maverick knew some boys, ones who owed him favours.

Perhaps he could get them to scare the bitches into retracting their statement, he couldn’t afford to physically harm the girls this close to the incident but Nancy’s hold over them could not have been absolute, there would be a crack and Maverick was going to apply pressure to it.

For some odd reason Maverick discovered that this had gotten interesting, he now had a new goal in life that was beyond material gain, revenge.

He was going to make it his duty in life to cause the same pain and humiliation he felt during his time in that hospital thrown back at that manipulative tramp ten fold.

For now he needed a lawyer, somebody who was a crook, somebody who could do every dastardly trick and loop hole while getting a boner for bamboozling court cases, somebody who wasn’t afraid to defecate on the legal system.

Perhaps somebody from Footscray.

Maybe after a year or two when this blew over he could make little, poor, innocent Nancy Harrington understand not to do something half-assed.

Excuse me.” Said a woman in a long white lab coat and far too much make up to be counted as professional. “I think Mr Kenning needs his rest.”

The Detective looked uncertain for a moment but knew the drill, Maverick could tell that both regarded each other as a hindrance to their own profession but had little choice but to obey some form of formality.

Daniels closed his note book and gave Maverick his best serious stare down which looked more like a kitten trying to look tough. “Don’t leave town.”

What a total douche. Maverick thought as he smiled back. If this pansy cop was his only hope in clearing his name, Maverick had best to make a number of phone calls while he could.

He suspected that if this clown fell down the stairs and broke his neck than Nancy would probably accuse him of murder on top of things.

As the ninny who liked the seventies far to much left to give Maverick’s attending physician some room to work, Maverick closed his eyes and daydreamed about the delicious forms of revenge that stared one lying little sank.

These moments were interrupted by the occasional question from annoying doctor. “So. I heard you ran into a spot of trouble earlier on.” The tone was chipper but their was a prickle of ice hiding underneath.

I didn’t do it.” Maverick said with conviction, though he knew that no one in their right mind would believe him. Nobody believes the guy actually did nothing in any relationship and before this whole mess started neither would Maverick.

The doctor seemed to find this almost enjoyable but her opinion didn’t matter to her patient, what mattered was that he needed to heal so he could get a head of this shit before some jackass lawyer takes up Nancy’s case out of publicity.

While the doctor began to check his bandages and casts were secured Maverick was forced to ask the question as to why did Nancy ruin him? Out of all the things she could have done why this?

At best he could figure it was out of fame or need for attention, but this seemed to be too extreme.

Though the whole accusation thing threw a curve ball into Maverick’s game he knew it was not Nancy’s style, some body had influenced her and by judging from the sloppy work she did, it was done at the last moment.

Owe.” Maverick whined as the attending doctor punctured his arm with a needle.

Sorry.” The woman said as she emptied the syringe into his body. Some how Maverick had the idea that she had made the experience painful on purpose.

Once again he took a logical approach to this problem but found no solution and going straight up to Nancy and demanding an answer was suicidal.

There were always stories of assholes that broke up with somebody with a fax and on their birthday, they were always funny when it wasn’t happening to you.

Perhaps Nancy was just a cold hearted bitch that wanted a laugh and unfortunately it was at his expense.

Hey, I need to make a pho…” The words that came out of his throat were cut short as the pain killers failed to hold back the burning agony that was flowing from the Maverick’s arm.

Oh, don’t worry.” The doctor said as she put the syringe she had used back into her pocket.

The pain was unlike anything Maverick had ever felt, it was as if a legion of spiders made out of anthrax were eating their way into or possibly out of his body.

What the Doctor had injected him with seemed to be a bit more than a vitamin supplement.

The heart monitor beeped rapidly as Maverick’s heart began to try and escape by banging on the walls of his ribcage.

In answer to this the Doctor pulled out a smart phone and tapped on a number of icons, through a wireless network the machine went from a clear warning signal to a recorded one. When the investigation started it would show a false report.

Through the pain Maverick heard the maniac whisper into his ear. “You think it’s fun to hurt little girls? You sick freak? You think it’s fun now?”

Maverick had no idea what this crazy bitch’s story was but he had a good idea what it might have involved.

Here was an avenging angel of death, equipped with some kind of poison that hurt as much as a broken heart, no scratch that, it hurt a shit load worse as it spread.

The idea to scream for help crossed his mind but it was hopeless, there was a paralysing agent in the poison that caused Maverick’s body to stiffen. This was not some fledgling killer, this woman had done this before and learned from past mistakes.

The Doctor smiled as she watched a tear crawl down her patient’s cheek, she had performed a great service to the world by destroying one more bastard that nobody in their right mind would miss.

This was what would allow her to sleep soundly tonight she figured as she walked out of the room.

Nancy and revenge felt like a far away notion right now as Maverick thrashed in bed, the handcuff banged on the metal railing but no one was listening.

His brain attempted to release dopamine to counter-react the pain but the effects were too vast a small pick up could handle. Every second felt like a minute, every minute felt like an hour, and straight from the start death was a mercy.

Unable to scream because of both the pain and the toxin in his system Maverick didn’t notice the sound of somebody taking the seat next to his bed. “I hop I’m not interrupting your day but I’m on a bit of a schedule here.”

Sorry me dying is inconveniencing you.” Maverick might have said in a sarcastic manner if he could speak without screaming but right now all Maverick could do was stare at the ceiling all the while his eyes started to blur and lose focus.

There was the distinct snap of pen, its owner then ruffled through a large stake of papers. “Mister Maverick Archibald Kenning. Seventeen years old. Blood type A positive. Address, phone numbers…”

There were a few mumbles as if Maverick’s guest was reading his biography. “Yes, I think you will do nicely. I understand you have been having a bad week, and you’re unemployed. How would you like to change all that?” The voice was British mixed in with another sub-accent Maverick couldn’t identify.

H.helllp… mmmh.” It was all Maverick could say as he slipped out of conciousness. He could hear the drum beats of his heart as it pulsed in an erratic rhythm, this was it, this was the end.

I would be glad to help you Mister Kenning. If you would just sign on the dotted line. If you want I can read over the basic out line for you?”

Despite the option Maverick could feel the smooth service of a pen in his hands.


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