The Abstract

Run by the mysterious, Frank, there is a hotel which seeming pops up where it is least expected or wanted. Be it battlefields, old mines, or prison cells.

Do you want a beer? No problem, that will be a copper coin.

How about a bag of potatoes? What, you don’t have money? Don’t worry, I just take a year off your life span.

You want a dozen virgins no questions asked? Yes, I do take credit.

Just remember to tip the bartender.


Book 1. The Amazon

Chapter 1. Breakfast

Chapter 2. Soul Taker

Chapter 3. Amnesia

Chapter 4. The Lucky Luke

Chapter 5. Fresh Fish

Chapter 6. Lich Licker

Chapter 7. Wine Glass

Chapter 8. The Dragon Cup Set

Chapter 9. Autographed Celebrity Portraits

Chapter 10. Landscaping

Chapter 11. Renovation

Chapter 12. Clothes and Masks

Chapter 13. The Latest in Pest Control