About neenan01

Troy Neenan was born and raised in Ballarat and studied at the university of Ballarat Mt Hellen. Being born with a vivid imagination and no skills in drawing was not easy for the young story teller. But after being feed a healthy diet of television, manga, and comics. Troy now has an urge to share his ideas and stories to the world using the written word.

The Witch of the Alley: Update

I did just update chapters 1 to 9 of Witch of the Alley. I have to apologise I didn’t really give a shit about this site for a couple of months. I wasn’t getting the hits that I wanted and I concentrated more on the Royal Road Legends site.

With this book It started off as a writing while I was asleep. I wanted to spend my real brain cells on my good books and just write this when I couldn’t sleep.

Now I find myself going back through this book and adding to it. I finished about 20 chapters and I decided that I could do better, so I turned those 20 chapters into a flimsy skeleton. Now I am going back and I have already added about 10 more chapters.

So, HERE is the link to the new chapters of the book.

And if you want to read the whole thirty chapters just go to Royal Road Legends and you can even look up on some other indie author’s work.