Falconer Blood: (Infinite Worlds: Book 1) Book Review

Book Reviews

I was directed towards this book by the author some months ago. I’m not proud to admit that I brought this book and forgot about it. So here we go.

Plot: Dan is at a cafe when his estranged half sister comes up and teleports him to an alternate version of the age of pirates. Dan learns about his powers and go about rescuing his sisters friends and his dad.

Characters: Dan is an orphan who was raised in Australia. Dan represents the normal kid archetype. That kid in school that just blends in with the crowd and has the personality of a pathetic dog that keeps getting kicked. Over the course of the book Dan does start to evolve from an idiot to a slightly more competent idiot. Dan feels like that punching bag you drag around and use as a meat shield and he says he is sorry a lot.

Bess is Dan supposed half-sister and was raised in the age of pirates when puffy shirts and scurvy were the new fad. I feel that Bess is used more as a quest giver in this book. She pulls Dan into a world he does not fit into. She is completely selfish, determined, a scrapper. You can tell that she doesn’t give a fig about anyone but herself and her adopted mother Anny, and treats Dan more like a tool. Which he is. Surprisingly I like Bess the most, mainly because I think I can see her as more of a human than Dan. She also has a cool pirate language going for her.

Genre: This is directed towards young adult. No swear words, little blood, but mostly I think some children’s stories are more gruesome. Good for all ages. Includes pirates, super powers, time travel, and a punching bag for a main character.

Writing Style: The writing style is is easy to follow except when the author tries to explain the powers and the teleporting. I can’t really imagine it and had to reread a paragraph. I think he should have made it more simple, a dark hole with some nasty monsters in it and that would have been fine. The rest of the story was easy to follow though some of you might need a Pirate to English dictionary.

What I like about it: As this book was made before a certain pirate game I will not name, the author has shown that he did his research. The book is easy to follow, gets straight into the plot, and doesn’t fiddle around. I found that Bess is my favourite character. As this time period is bloody the author toned down the violence for a simple rescue plot.

What I dislike about it: There are some plot holes. Mainly about the pair’s powers and their lack of common sense. If Bess could teleport why couldn’t she just go to the prison, get arrested, waited for her cool down and rescue her friends. Next is how Bess found Dan, and so on. The rest of the problems is with Bess and Dan’s transitions through time that scene just stopped the flow.

Overall. I would have given this book four and a half stars. Despite this being a fairly straightforward book with a simple goal I read it all in four days.