Only Sense Online review.


I have been reading a lot of books lately where the main character goes off to magic land, mostly for my own entertainment and then some for research and my travels lead me to the LitRPG genre.

LitRPG basically means that it is a novel based around role playing games, mostly the type where you level up. A genre that I found a bit interesting but most authors seem to forget about half way into their series.

I found out that both the Japanese and Russians have this industry cornered so I can’t really go down this route.

Some authors hit the mark with these types of series. I personally like the Chaos Seeds series with author Aleron Kong and The Way of the Shaman series by Vasily Mahanenko.

But then I get into the bad type of series that people, because they are insane, make popular.

I am talking about Only Sense Online written by Japanese author Aloha Zachou. For the translated chapters please go to

The story starts off with potential. Shun, a feminine boy gets a virtual reality game system and decides to join his sisters in playing, but due to a bug he turns into a girl.

This instantly reminds me of 1/2 Prince Yu Wo. with a gender swap.

But unlike 1/2 prince there is no plot, it is slice of life with no drama and i mean that, there is no drama.

I have read this and stopped at volume two and do you know what I have discovered? Japanese men secretly want to be girls. Seriously, they want to be girls. They also have this strange fascination with lesbian incest.

And its not just Only Sense. TENSEI SHITARA SLIME DATTA KEN Is another manga where the main character goes to another world and chose to be a girl despite being born as a boy.

I could even look past all the transgender shit and the fact that every female in this series has that lesbian vibe. It’s the game play itself.

It basically follows the same game style as The Secret World. Meaning that death is just an hour time out and there is no other penalty.

I would have liked it better if the main character loses an ability when they die or three strikes and out and they permanently lose their character. But there is no drama, there is no impending need to not die in a fight. They don’t even use real money or pay fees.