Summoned series. Book 1.

The Fomori Cipher.

Tormented wiFomori cipherth endless dreams of his own death the disfigured Mocrey O’Connell spends every moment of his life in service to his demanding family, but are these just the harmless doings of a troubled mind or is there something else going on inside the young Wood Elf that he himself is unaware of?

As for Mocrey himself, all the young farmer and part time reluctant inventor wants is to get the courage to ask the cute little demon waitress for a date and avoid making his disturbed mother further disappointed in him.

Thinking that his birthday is the perfect time to change his meek behavior, Mocrey promises himself to change. However, he soon gets more than he asks for, when Mocrey’s darker side begins to claw its way to the surface and decides that what the kingdom needs is to start the apocalypse.

Now available at: Kindle.

Summoned series. Book 2.

Within the Red Sands.

Created by Troy Neenan

Confident that fate is on her side Priss Doogle stands at the edge of madness. Armed with her crew of cursed individuals and the power to kill a man with just a touch, Priss heads straight into a war against the perversions of a prison many believe as Hell.

But is everything so simple in this war of worlds and minds?

Caught in a conspiracy spanning thousands of years Priss is merely a part player in the schemes of mischievous foxes, manipulating princes, and mad tyrants.

How long can Priss’s luck hold out?

Now available at: Kindle.

Summoned Chronicles.

Mr Quiz.

Mr QuizThere have been murders and what looks like animal attacks on the streets of Nocturna, Queendom of the Succubi. But the investigation into these grizzly acts would have to wait as Banaka, youngest princess to the Queen of the Succubi is to be betrothed to Prince Ferrous of the High Elves.

In the mist of the conspiracies that are common life in the world of the perverse where bodily fluids are treated as the currency, The Queen of the High Elves wishes to save her son from the evil claws of princess Banaka. Princess Banaka wants to ruin the wedding because the prince is a bit too young for her tastes. The drunk and depraved High Elf King wants to make his own private brothel on his wife’s land. And the Queen of the Succubi is trying to work a new angle to get both more gold and more land.

But this is just the surface of the intrigue.

What sinister mind controls the fortune teller booths that seem to be all other Nocturna? What are the creatures that have found their way under the streets? And who has his eyes set on Princess Banaka?

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Dark Forge

The Dark Forge

The ancient gate has been open and the combined forces of cyborg mercenaries and elves storm the tunnels under the ancient city.

Their goal? To eradicate the monsters that hide under the streets of a city that is in the grips of a nightmare.

Succubus archaeologist Dia Donné, however, isn’t too frilled by the notion of slaying monsters. Where no other Succubi has ever dared go, she plans to make a name for herself and stumble across a grand discovery that might change the whole world.

<Spoiler alert.> She gets what she wishes.

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure.

Tags: Succubus, Elf, Dungeon, Archaeologist, Cyborg, Ninja, Lilith.

Now available at Kindle.



Welcome to Talia.


The Fox plays his games.

The Wolf wonders the city streets.

The Witch watches and waits for her turn.

Several months ago millions died in an instant. There was chaos, there was mayhem, and a lot of laughs.

You think they would get over it but apparently Elves have long memories.

Hi, my name is Arcade and I am incredibly bored. So I’ll cut to the chase.

I’m running a game in Talia. What kind of game? It’s a bit complicated, but you can think of them as bets.

You want to know more? We got everything. There’s witches, conspiracies, explosions, an AI in a motorbike. And no one knows what’s going to but MEEEEEE.

Elves, Wolf, AI, Wood Elves, Witch, Conspiracy, Zombie

Now available at Kindle

Ballymore Troubles

A stupid drunken mistake soon lands Sorie Kingbrew in the cross-hairs two seemingly unstoppable forces. One, her own government, the other a alien civilisation. Meanwhile, out in the barren landscape of certain death, somebody has found an ancient artefact that has laid buried for thousands of years.
As spies, soldiers, sword carrying battle nuns, and seducing witches all compete for their own interests nobody knows where the dice will land.

Now available at 




Broken and wounded in one of the most dangerous places on Earth, David accidentally makes a deal with something that he has only read about in literature.

After a six month long coma he wakes up to find himself crippled and out of work. Driven by forces that are almost outside his control he goes on a quest to learn and understand one of the last things any sane person would wish to know about.

Meanwhile, trapped in a boring, dirty, and thankless job another poor soul watches through a computer screen. Day and night he works tirelessly to stop, trap, and destroy any who would attempt to both steal his home and ruin his life.

Now available on  Kindle.

Run by the mysterious, Frank, there is a tavern which seeming pops up where it is least expected or wanted. Be it battlefields, old mines, or prison cells.
Her memories of the past year gone, Cyme is now faced with a bar tab as long as her arm. Forced to pay back her bill she travels with Frank to the city of Thebes.
On the surface this city is the heart of a thriving civilisation. Anything and any one can be bought in its market place, it has the largest library in the known world, and for the right amount of coin your every desire can be filled. But underneath this mask a world of thieves and corruption awaits.
But what about the Abstract? What horrors are locked behind it’s seemingly innocent exterior?

Now available on Kindle





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