Day 225

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An adult male Lignos have an average height of four feet and weigh close to 160 pounds. They are stocky and look like a little Chinese-goat man. The males have larger horns than the females while both sex have a stubby tail and are nearly covered in long wool. It kind of reminds me of Cashmere goats.

Rather than cloven hooves like a goat, both sexes have legs that more resemble horses.

Doctor Dale Parson, had said they remind him of Satyrs, from Greek mythology. I looked it up and say the resemblance; only the satyrs were half men, half goat. Like somebody cut and pasted a man onto a pair of goat legs.

The Lignos remind me of those Disney cartoons. Those animals who managed to walk on two legs and use phones.

The faces are a bit long and twisted. Not in an ugly way, human, but it’s like they have prosthetics on.

The way the women look at us men, you think we were just waiting for them to turn their backs.

I’ll admit they have a human enough face and the females have the curves but I’m not desperate enough to get a bit strange. Not yet anyway.

I decide to call the Lignos, satyrs in my notes. I don’t know if this is considered racism or not. We are not what I would consider as Greece country.

I.E. no togas.

The landmasses look completely different to Earth but if I had to guess we are somewhere that feels Russian or Eastern Europey. In the middle of badlands and no-man’s land.


The order came in a few hours ago. We are to get our arses to a village called Lococo and help in the evacuation. Some idiot awoke something nasty and its hands on deck.

There is just one problem, the satyrs aren’t going anywhere and their medicine women is dead.

There are also people in the area who are too sick to get around and all it would take is one tipped over candle to kill everyone and void our hard work.

My team and I gather around the brazier and instead of doing the logical thing like tying Peter to a tree and run, we draw straws. And guess who gets the fucking short straw?

I have nothing against the satyrs it is just that I am accustomed to the finer things in life, like toilet paper and hygiene.

It isn’t all bad. The bastards (My team) had left me an Emergency Quarantine Lab. (EQL)

Fortunately it is a corporate model and not one of the government ones. So I get my choice of 6 isolation chambers to sleep in, a top of the range water condenser and purifier, a heater, and two computers.

That is one good thing about working for a soulless, faceless corporation.

I get 6 toilets, 6 decontamination showers, memory foam beds, and a high grade security system.

While a CDC agent with twice the experience and ten times the enthusiasm gets an over the counter thermometer and a case of malaria.

Then again if I was working for the CDC I wouldn’t be here, marooned on Fantasy Island, asking a talking billy goat to turn his head and cough.

Once again I get the short straw and tell the natives that I will be their temporary medicine man for the next three months. I can almost feel the sense of foreboding doom that each of them carry.

Most of the satyrs, including Ksenia, have worried expressions on their faces, which I take that they are paying attention to the situation.

One of the satyr males wants to trade me one of his daughters for all ten of the labour-droids. I deny his request.

I do notice that most of the males snort and evaluate my appearance. They don’t seem impressed.

One of the female satyrs actually asks me if Dale can be the one staying.

This situation is beginning to look a lot like high school all over again, with me being the untouchable, fat, geek.

3 to 4 months. That’s how long I have to stay here till one of the other Lignos villages manages to train up my replacement. If I am lucky.

My bet. The trainee dies a day before I get relieved and I will be here for years.

It is going to be a long winter.


It is now 10:18 pm. Or that is what my watch says anyway. The days are shorter in this world while the year is longer. It might look I will be here longer than expected.

I have completed the first of my rounds.

My ex-team left me two droids, a snow car, and half of the medical supplies.

It should be enough, there aren’t that many satyrs left and most of what I need is penicillin and cold medicine.

I keep one droid on washing duty with the other making glass for the green house. I don’t know what herbs my replacement will need so I’ll fill the newly designed green house with vegtables when it is completed.

I had asked Ksenia to give Huglie and his father some food while I took the snow car out to the farms and homesteads.

I must give off a doormat feel with these people, one of the farmer’s wives told me to clean out the pig pen.

I told her that I was only there to check on her husband and his other wife. She seemed to get a bit annoyed with me and seeing that she was in arm distance of a pitchfork, I decided it would be good exercise to help her with some chores.

Out of it I got a cooked meal and the premonition that I was going to be sore in the morning.