Day 229

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I have mixed feelings.

The last chief’s fifth concubine stormed into the lab looking as though she was about to face down a hungry attorney. She was surprisingly young. I mean young enough that if the chief was still alive I would consider punching him in the face.

She had a ridiculously long and unpronounceable name so I just called her Bambi. She immediately took issue with this, so, being a jerk I decided that the name stuck.

“I am told you have a hot bath.” Bambi said.

Me, still not accustomed to waking up at the break of dawn in the middle of winter said. “Rrrg. Mmmm mmmm.” Which she took as a “Yes”.

After she poked me a few timed, I declared that I was awake. I then took her first to the decontamination shower. I would have loved to seen the look on her face except I was groggy and didn’t have my morning coffee.

I did manage to record the audio so I’ll just attach that to the journal.


‘Sound of water running.’

Bambi: ‘Gasp.’ Witchcraft.

Gulway: No, just good plumbing. See? This one controls the heat while this knob controls the cold.

Bambi: It’s warm. It’s like a waterfall inside your home.

Gulway: I have a bath, but it’s mostly used for therapy.

Bambi: Ferro-pee.

Gulway: ‘Sigh.’ I really need a coffee. I use the bath for burns and muscle problems. I dump a whole bunch of salts and medicine in it and the patient soaks in the medicine.

Bambi: May I use it?

Gulway: ‘Yawn.’ It takes up a lot of water. I’ll get Laurel to make another tank just for baths.


After some assurances Bambi entered the decontamination shower. I do notice that she pulled out one of the orange blocks of soap Laurel had made yesterday.

To my surprise she stripped down in front of me as if I wasn’t there at all. And me being a gentleman, curse my luck, turned my back on her. I left her to it.

Being a nice guy I get the exhibitionist a towel and place it just outside. I really hate my cowardly self.

Compared to our culture the satyrs don’t consider their bodies shameful. From yesterday’s experience with the makeshift steam room I suspect that they have commingled bathing and nudity is natural for them. They only wear clothes for necessity purposes.

As the alien child takes a shower I distract myself in my work.

Bambi really must have needed to defrost because she was in there for nearly ten minutes. When she finnaly came out, she had steam rolling off her. She also came out completely naked and drying herself.

I wanted to say putting her dirty clothes back on after a shower defeated the purpose; instead I stupidly keep my back away from her.

Things became awkward after that. Not having anything such as money on her, the little shit decides to offer me her body in exchange for the shower.

I am not making this up. Not even a porno is this fucking unreal. Or this depraved. She is old enough that I can see her wearing a My Little Pony t-shirt. I know kids marry young here, but dear God.

But she won’t shut up about owing me. So I get her to trade me a lock of her wool for the use of the shower.

News travelled fast after that and suddenly I have seven nude satyrs using my shower.