Day 230

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Who knew building a water tank required so much fiddling around. The village blacksmith died in the plague, so Ksenia talked me into letting Laurel fill in for him.

What are the problems with this?

It’s not just allowing a Company droid to perform menial tasks for free that bother me, it is that most of the people of this world, excluding us, are barely inside the Iron Age.

The Company has rules about allowing the people of this world being subjected to advanced technology. Yes I understand having an android running around kind of makes this a hypocritical point, but I am told there is a difference between advanced and advanced.

The droids are too sophisticated. The people here are superstitious. Computer chips are light-years beyond them. These guys think steel is some mystical element that only gods know the secret to.

Right now Laurel is content with making nails and horse shoes, and I know I am being paranoid but I just know this is going to get out of hand. In any case the village is running out of materials.

Food is fine but rumours of the plague caused merchants to stay clear away from here, and no merchant is suicidal enough to travel through snow to come to this backwater.

I got Ksenia and Bambi as well as the other surviving women who were desperate for a shower to fill boil up some snow and fill up the water purifier.

I also got to deliver the food and water out to the farms.

Neeti got on her knees and begged me not to take Hardy. I was curious as to why I would to this, sure I needed him but it wasn’t an emergency. By the look of the place the droid was doing alright.

Then I noticed that Hardy was damaged.

When I asked her what happened Neeti got defensive saying it was her fault.

The droid told me otherwise.

The farmer’s other wife tried to give Hardy food, the farmer didn’t like that. He also didn’t like ‘his slave’ getting big ideas.

I am tempted to go back in the snow car, get my gun, and shoot the fucker.

I give Neeti the food and take Hardy back with me. I do the rest of my rounds and spend the night repairing the damn droid.

I want to go home.