Day 232

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I think I might have fucked myself over today. I expect that I won’t be here long.

I will start off at the start so as not to confuse you or myself.

I’ll skip over the check-ups and the packing and go straight at the heart of the matter.

This time I went back and forth between the homesteads, giving each property a week’s food.

I intentionally left Neeti’s place for last. I didn’t feel like dealing with her husband’s shit or her watching over my back. I have been given enough grief this week.

I should have listened to those instincts and just ran for it.

As I delivered the sacks of rice and grain I noticed that there was no one there to greet me. I remembered not liking it.

I should have just dropped off the stuff and drove off, but you see I got you to Neeti keeping an eye on me in case I pinched a pig or something.

Okay. I’ll do this in steps.

I went to the farmhouse. I knocked. It opened. The farmer got out.

I wish confess that I did not like him, and I could tell that the feeling was mutual.

Normally I would have gott out of there as quick as possible. Today? I don’t know. Maybe it was a smell in the air. Maybe I didn’t like the look on the arsehole’s face, but I do something I can’t believe myself doing.

I ask to see Neeti.

Farmer Billy Goat Gruff doesn’t like that. His body tensed as if he was ready to take a swing at me. He probably thought I am out to fuck his wife behind the hayloft. From the way he treated Hardy I would have just to spite him.

I am not a droid lover, except maybe that one time in uni, but the way he whipped Hardy suggested to me that this prick would have loved to beat the shit out of some real slaves.

The farmer gets a smile on his face and called out for Neeti.

Hardy was not the only one the mother-fucker had a go at. Neeti’s fur covers most of the damage but being a doctor I have enough experience knowing the signs.

She couldn’t even look at me. All the while her husband has this grin on his face like he had just caught the mother of all cat fish. The son of a bitch is lording his brutality over me and inwardly saying. “I can do this. I can get away with it.”

When the fucker put his hands on Neeti she shivered. I remembered that clearly. I could tell that she has been physically, mentally, and possibly sexually abused.

I point at Neeti and ask him if he did this? I didn’t like his answer.

I ask him why he did this? I didn’t like his answer.

I ask how his other wife feels about this. Later I had found out that Neeti takes all the abuse from the fucker, just like a big sister. It is even possible that they are sisters.

I don’t remember much between that moment and when Neeti started hitting me but I when I woke up I could piece the evidence together from the state of the body and the blood spatter.

After hearing how he hurt Neeti, I must have went back to the car to get my gun. I then walked back to the farmhouse and shot the bastard on his own porch.

After I came to I drove Neeti and the other distort Ligno to the lab where I treated both of them. I then told Neeti to tell Ksenia what I did.

We doctors take an oath to do no harm. Tell that to the people who don’t have health insurance.

As far as I am concerned the dick-head was no longer my patient.